Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Samuel Burton


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Latest Update: Modeling: Unified Skin


I’m going with the Idea of The Grimm Reaper playing with butterflies. Thats strange enough to me!


Ha! Funny concept. His design might be a bit too “meaty” or “zombie-ish” for some. But, hey, I think if you throw a cloak sickle in there he’ll look great.


Thanks SantosAnderson. Yeah, I thought he might be a little to meaty but
I’m trying to get away from that old skeleton look. If he looks to weird by the end though
I’l have to make him skinnier.


I Love it!! :buttrock: :buttrock:
Its the softer side of Brom…
Its hell’s candid moments…
Its the devil’s daydream…
Its perfect!!

I cannot wait to see where you take this one!!


Created a little more concept work to flush out the armor. I think I can start the 3d build now. Well, lets start modeling.


Nice… but personally I like the proportions of the previous drawing much better. The upper armor is much better, but I like the previous fore-arm armor and the overall ratios of the first draft. But awesome none the less!! :buttrock:



Ok,That was a good idea about the concept. I like the proportions better in the previous drawing also but I changed the armor.


Well, I’ve started blocking in the old Grimm Reaper. I used Zspheres to block him in to get a rough shape and check out the proportions. Its a bit rough and all the proportions aren’t finish but this gave me a super quick layout so that i could start modeling (I usually use Maya and build poly by poly) I’m thinking this will be a pretty intricate model so, Lets get started!


Alright now, We got some mesh to work with. I made my Zsphere sketch into a unified sketch so that I could start actually pulling and pushing polys around. slowly but surely we’re starting to get some shape!


Excellent! but since there wont be a place to seperate the head from the body, you might want to go back and add a few more zspheres around the neck and head. That will give you more polys where you’re going to want more detail. I would just add one or two to build out the jaw, and maybe thicken the arm spheres out too (it much easier to shrink the arm down while your sculpting than to build it all back out.)
Good luck!



I been so busy with work I haven’t had time to do anything!
Thats ok though, I’m used to tight deadlines. I promised myself that
I would finish this challenge so lets see what I can crank out in about
14 days!:scream:


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