Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Sajuro Ozawa


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Latest Update: Modeling: Old Man: Head 3


I’m in. Though I don’t understand how a ball bounces.

Try to animate a strange behaviour, that is weird but not even laughable, of an old person who is outlandishly obsessed with something ordinary.

Inspired by 2 portraits taken by TANABE JUNICHI (1937-), a photographer/journalist, who takes dignified pictures of elderly persons over 30 years.

  1. [SHIGENO SUZU] She is afraid of mirrors. Her relative write a note “This is a mirror. The person in the mirror is you. It is the face of SHIGENO SUZU.” on them. But she can not understand it and fearfully gaze at her face in the mirror.

  2. [I-san] Every morning, he gets a move on to the Patent Office from a nursing home, putting on his shoes and jacket on pajamas and carrying a bag. He is irritated since he never gets there.

Mashing up this 2 portraits is my initial idea. (But I may choose more uplifting one in the end…)

Good luck to everyone. Have fun.


Building a story on another portrait of an old couple*. So far, I have no idea what happen to them. Anyway I start designing caracters and gadgets.

*They traveled/lived with a small 360cc van over 12 years. Their journey was going on after the old lady became bedridden. Moreover, The old man kept travering with his wife’s bones.


They have stalky neck and arms.


They have stalky neck and arms.


I am trying to make an universal model. Then I will deform it to old man and woman.


Fit the base model to my initial sketch. But it may be a good idea to accentuate his eyes and nose.


Tweaked topology.

I will restructure his ears.


I am really glad if you would give some crits on topology. Prospective problems on facial animation? So far, I have no idea how a surface collapses since this is my first facial modeling.


nice modeling man… keep em coming


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