Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Roger A Gihlemoen


turned out pretty nice. really cool lighting on this, too. good job meeting the deadline.


wow talk abt last minute submission… I thought I was the last one to submit the entry seeems like u had it worst… nic work man… its pretty funny… all the best!


Overcontrast: Yep, this was a close call! Sorry to hear about your power breakdown! But you really managed to do a great job anyway!
I love your characters! Your modeling skills is great! I hope to be that good one day!

ri-381: Thanx, I’m not to confident about lightning, but if you liked it, (which I really appreciate) I guess I did something right! :slight_smile:

Phlorins: Thanx mate, hope you like my renders! I actually did a 6megapixel image. Download this:

-I had a few errors in my sound, and also a few bugs in the picture, that I typically detected just a few sec to late. :slight_smile: Anyway, I’ll be posting a link tomorrow just to show how i really intended it to be.
Best luck to all!


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