Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rob Mack


As always fun to see your workflow. :thumbsup: Love the sexy mama clip too - it’s fun how the characters already shows a lot of personality… I like it that the fat one actually shows a lot more of self confidence and happiness than the skinny one. Maybe she has something to teach the nervous beauty?
looking forward to your next steps here.


Hi guys, just finally figured the bikini and rig etc, here’s the basic result


Hi guys, I thought I’d have a shot at the bra for the big mamma this morn… I look and wonder again… Have I gone too far?.. It was fun tho, as the vid shows;) I will tweak the bra strap in Max to make it a bit sturdier.

Hit the pic for the vid or get it here


Man… you’re having too much fun with this! It looks great… really a nightmare if Ive ever seen one. You might check out the ‘armpit’ area, I would think the chest fat would want to fall to the side and fill that in that area. Also you might see what she would look like if you removed the vertical crease down the center of her belly. You’re doin great man


Hilarious modeling! Nice to see how other’s approach on shaping organic forms!
Do they have all kind of reference at just kidding! You must have very
vivid sense of imagination to come up with all that well-placed muscle and
Keep up, it’s going very well!


O My God! I like her skinny friend better, she is hotter


wow…that bra must be huge!..i can fit in it…i like that model…is welldetailed!:scream:


the fat one is cool
but I think the thin one has too wide shoulders, makes her look too much like a male.


Thanks guys, I was beginning to lose interest in this process and your words have raised my spirits again… :bowdown: Thanks… The story is proving more difficult than I thought and it will take some time to nut out… I think I might spend most of this weekend (my first 2 days in a row off this year) away from the pc

Gunilla… Thanks G! I’ll have all of this and much much more to share when goes public before the end of year. As for Mamma, I find the thin character to really be lacking in poersonality in comparison and am thinking I may stylise her further. Teaching is an angle I hadn’t looked into yet, thanks G! I’ll see where that fits in:D

DaddyMack… Can’t… stop… looking… at… fat… people…

slangford… Legend! I removed the vertical crease and rebuilt her belly after reading your advice (and watching Norbit:scream:) and before I crashed my comp it was looking really good… Will have to attempt it again soon Cheers mate… Also I filled the armpit like you said, I sooo appreciate your fresh insights into this, my eyes are tiring of it atm

varma… THanks Mathias, (puts on eerie voice) I see fat people…

Wayne jermaine… Welp… there’s no accounting for taste now is there:P

melkao… lol… lol… yup it’s about 6 times the size of the original, thanks for your comments, they always make me smile

ania… Thanks for the fresh critique, much appreciated, I’ll look into tweeking her shoulders a bit

Update to follow:wavey:


Just following some excellent advice from you guys… Thanks a mountain, I’ll remodel the bra strap in Max to umm offer a bit more support

Hit the pic or get the vid here


Whoah! I’ve been absent during the development of this thread and have therefore missed out on quite a party. I love the way it’s going so far. You’ve taken your original idea and fleshed it out beautifully. Okay, so there’s a pun in there but you’re still about a hundred jokes ahead of me


Thanks to some sound advice I remodelled the gut this morn and am far more happy with the direction it’s heading… I get the feeling I’ll remodel the chin and cheeks as well soon


Mdavid… A big smile on my face from your comments mate:D We should try and maybe meet for a beer…

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Hi guys, I have spent some time trying to nut out how to tell this story and I’ve currently got 2 main premises that I’m finding it hard to split…

[b]1… Skinny woman is seeing the fat mamma in the mirror and being really tormented by it

2… Fat Mamma is seeing the skinny woman in the mirror and is really happy with how sexy she looks[/b]

or possibly 3… just to really complicate thangs… The story could be told from both sides of the mirror…

/\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\
Any o you folk out there wanna chime in and let me know what you’d rather see?:bowdown::wavey: Thanks!


I vote for number 3. That’s the way I’ve understood it all along - could be really fun.
Come on, you can do it! :bowdown:


I’m cheering for number 1. I’ve always been bewildered at how skinny women see themselves as being lumpy and think it would be mighty cool to see that ‘strange behavior’ animated.

By the way, it would be great to catch up for that beer once my work slows down a bit


IdCrisis 2… Strange behaviour entry

Main premise: A sexy woman has some issues with her distortedly perceived reflection in the mirror.

Goals: Communicate the power of the negative inner dialog, create humor, create empathy

Core concepts: Fat woman taunts thin woman… Fat woman teaches thin woman a lesson… Thin woman looks in the mirror and goes into a trance like state while fat woman decides who she will be tonight.


Intro of concept

Opens to establishing shot of woman dancing to cheesy Bony M track, phone rings, she turns music down, we hear man on the other end confirming their date. He says ‘Try and look extra sexy tonight babe, I really want to impress the guys’. She hangs phone up and places it on the dresser… She pauses to look at herself in the mirror (looking normal) and expresses mild disapproval… As she walks from shot we see her butt inflate in the mirror. She returns into view with a dress to wear and holds it over her body, turns in profile and sees her butt grow while she looks at it… She expresses some sadness physically and then exits the shot. She returns with another dress, this time more revealing, she holds it up against herself and we see her mirror image expand further, especially in the areas where the dress is revealing. She tosses dress aside as she leaves shot, she then returns with another and we see her body expand further… At this point she has a little tantrum and throws the dress at the mirror… Camera follows dress to mirror and we finally see full blown big mamma going to fetch another dress.

Mamma is trying to stretch a tiny dress over her ample form and makes comments about the impossibility of fitting into it while she looks at herself from different angles.

Mamma: You know… you’ll never fit into that…
Thin: Oooh I know I know… What am I gonna do?
Mamma: Stay home, we’ll eat his birthday cake together… I think he’s gay anyway
Thin: No!.. He can’t be… He’s so… He’s… He’s metrosexual… not gay… yeah metrosexual
Mamma: Gay or not… What makes you think he really loves you anyway huh! You know one day he’ll find someone skinnier and sexier and dump your fat ass just like the rest.
Thin: You… You think so… But he told…
Mamma: He’s a man isn’t he!
Thin: (sobs) Mwahh… I’ll never be skinny enough… No one will ever want me…
Mamma: I want you though… I want you to stay home and eat that cake
Thin: But it’s his birthday
Mamma: (mocks) But it’s his Birthdaaaay… let him have his party with his gayboy friends… We’ll have our own party
Thin: But…
Mamma: Caaake…
Thin: But…
Mamma: Caaaake…
Thin: But…
Mamma: Caaaaake…

The struggle between our characters has escalated to a crescendo and the phone rings to break the flow, it’s her date he called to apologise for what he said earlier and reminds her that he thinks she always looks sexy and beautiful and can come wearing whatever she wants… the thin woman stops and looks at herself without the aid of the mirror and finally sees herself as she really is instead. We see her exit from screen and return wearing a dress that looks awesome on her. She ignores the fat mamma trying to get her attention in the mirror as she walks by and grabs her handbag… She exits the room and we pan back to mamma saying ‘you’ll be back’ nodding… ‘you always come back’… Fade to black Quick credits (music don’t ya by pussycat dolls) With Mamma dancing as sexy as ever… slow fade out and fade in… we see an ad in the paper with a pic of the mirror for sale…


Gunilla… Argh! By far the hardest but I’ll try and pull the ideas I have into a story

Mdavid… Me too… I live with my wife and 2 daughters and well… Beer sounds good:P

Thanks for your input guys, The base premise I posted above is rough but I think it conveys their roles and personalities reasonably well and I think it gives mamma her chance to hog the spotlight. I’ll try nut out premise 3 this week and weigh them up

Any input would be sooo helpful



Hi guys, got to spend a little time here trying to finalise the bra and corresponding flab… seems OK to me atm… Anything I’m missing?


ooh… its so painfully good… those fats still grosses me out… no offence to overweight ppl… (i’m also seems to be goin that way) gr8 job on the bra fitting man… no crits from me…:bounce:


No crits from me either. I’m impressed by your script too - especially the bit at the end with mamma saying ‘You’ll be back. You always come back’. That’s a clever insight into the insidious nature of distorted body image for some people