Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rob Mack


Tremo… Good luck with the mocap search:P Some flab testing to follow…

Guniilla… You know I hold you responsible… literally caught myself at different times throughout the day humming cheesy boney M songs… One will definitely be playing in the background of the animation for this piece… Flab to follow

Thanks guys :bowdown::wavey:


Hi guys… set this up late last night and rendered while I got a few ZZZs… It’s just a flex modifier on top of an edit poly node with soft select and a few tweeks… pretty lame but the slow mo makes me chuckle. I’ll definitely look into some proper soft body or additional rigging system for flab control soon.

Hit the image or grab the movie here


wooho… that look like fun man… wish i never see this in real life… :eek: cool animation test… but guess shes not gonna do anything like that in the final movie LOL… wud be funny if she does tho… neways keep up the good works and keep entertaining us :smiley: MORE! MORE! MORE!


It´s getting nice… :thumbsup: i think flex will totally do, ther´re a lot of options for tweaking
and you can even convert it to a simple softbody. To make it look like fat you can
build a lowpoly version of your character apply flex with softselection and skinwrap
the higher poly version, on highpoly models the effect of mass is difficult to achieve.

A more stable way is to add bones where you want the fat to wabble and use spring controllers… works very good looks totally like fat but you need a ton of extra bones.
If you find a better way, like a plugin etc. i would be interested in this too…


WOOW, speedy Mamma is a nightmare! I don’t want to meet her in my dreams. Flopping around me. ups… This fat stuff really worth the work of adjustments and settings. Very promising!! :bounce: Really funny with the flip. :thumbsup: let the body move!


overcontrast… Thanks man and can I just say Weeeeeee… This is the most fun I’ve had in ages

xioncajou… Thanks a bundle for the pointers… I can tell already that to achieve truly Flabtastic™ results will be a big challenge… I’ll try all options out but at the end of the day it will proibably be bones and I’ll look into springs

Tremoside… Aww come on mate… you know you want it;)

The more I play with this mamma the more I fall in love with her umm… personality… She is clearly gonna eclipse the other character/s in this piece and I’m exploring how to take it further…

She could taunt the thin woman from behind the mirror a’la smeagol and gollum and be like a dark side that will try to control her, tell her to hate her date or sometrhing… The thin woman eventually overpowering her and deciding to be nice to her date tonight instead of devastating him… She will have to do at least some sexy dance and be very animated to really bring out her personality… I’m gonna defiinitely dig around in the dark side for a while and see what pwops out… Any helps from you mighty minds would be great…

I’m trying to connect with something I feel many people experience and would really appreciate any insights into it :bowdown: Thanks again :Bowdown:


Lol great work DM. Hows about fat momma sticks her hand into her belly folds and pulls out a big cream cake. She could now taunt thin momma by sexily eating a bit of the cream, here her expression could change to one of jealousy and launch the cake at the mirror towards little momma. Just food for thought, pardon the pun.

Steve 8)


Handlebar… Priceless… She’ll be all ‘come on… you know you want it’… Thanks mate:wise:


I love the rig test… great work!


lol… just my last bit o fun and games before I get back to work on this:P

Hit the image or grab it here


Now listen here!!! You are having entirely tooo much fun with this… This is serious business and its not supposed to be fun or funny and you sir, clearly do not understand!

(its hard to express sarcasm when typing but that was my attempt :scream: Great Job Rob!)


tnads… Thanks, it’s been fun so far

DaddyMack… Frazy as ever mate…

slangford… Dude!.. Couldn’t take you seriously if I tried Mr I’ll make a nun motorcycle gang. Respect! Thanks for the cheeky smile I now have on my face

As Mammas persona emerges I really am seeing a dark side of humanity in us all… the part in us that tells us that we don’t fit in, aren’t cool, aren’t pretty, aren’t smart enough to be good at 3d or are in some way a lesser being than our fellow humans etc regardless of how blessified we may be in all or any of these things.

I could play with Mamma for weeks but I think it’s time I knuckle down and start really clarifying my plot here… I’ve got the classic protagonist/ antagonist situation… I just need to define what they are fighting over and how their battle will ensue. I plan to build up to a really frantic pace toward the end and have alrerady got a few cool endings. Nature of the game… ‘Strange Behaviour’

Any pointers will be much appreciated:bowdown:


i really enjoy your whips so far… that fat chick is bringing sexy back!!.. trust me i got chips and dips, a lazy boy, my beer helmet

we want more! more!


I laugth every time I see your animation ! The huge women is great and disgust me a bit too…:eek:


wen i saw ur animation clip … i was like :eek: plus … :drool: … then … :buttrock: … finally … :applause:

u rock mate! love the movement … especially your take on an insanely fat woman gettin jiggy with it! awesome idea man! can’t wait to c the final …

cheers buddy! :beer:


Wayne jermaine… Beer helmet… :drool:

gpepper… thanks mate, my aim is to disgust and entice at the same time

nwiz25… Thanks, I was having too much fun fior a little while there, back to work now…

After playing with the idea for a bit I thought I might do a ‘too ugly’ and a ‘too old’ to add to my ‘too fat’ mirror images… Will have to assess their integration into pipeline and story but I think they’re strong enough to make an appearence…

What do you guys think? anything I’m missing?


Hi guys, been busy trying to nail down the story but took some time out to try ZB3.1 for detailing… new timelapse function actually shows cursor/ strokes too which is handy…

Hit the pic or get it here.


Great idea. Am loving the clips you are creating. Big people can be so funny. Especially throwing all there weight around like that flip. I just watched Norbit last night and that could have some good reference for you. Can’t wait to see the final.


rocking :buttrock: rocking :buttrock: rocking :buttrock: rocking :buttrock:


darth… Legend! Thanks, I’ll borrow Norbit this weekend:D

thebest… Trying… Trying… Trying… Trying… Thanks mate

I’ve got the bra happening and the Gstring on the thin Mamma… will have a play tonight and stretch them around the bigger mamma

Thanks Guys:bowdown: