Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rob Mack


Really cool idea, man. You’re up for a fast start. :slight_smile:


Good Luck. Going good so far.


Fun concept, I can’t wait to see a layout.


Hi Rob , glad to see you again here! concept sound cool ! good luck and have fun!


How people see themselves in front of a mirror is an excellent subject for Strange Behavior. Good luck!


Good idea man! Scary too :scream:


I agree with the rest here, great idea - go with it!


A cool idea and quite an undertaking.
Good luck.


Hey Daddy Mack. Good to see you diving straight into this challenge. Think you must be in touch with your “feminine” side with your idea. I think it’s fab but for a woman it’s not strange behaviour. It’s just normal…! We NEVER see ourselves as we really are! It’s a nightmare! :scream: Can’t wait to see this progress. Enjoy! :thumbsup:


Cool Concept, I will definetely be following along on this one. I wonder what the man will look like.


hallo Mr daddyMack :bounce:

I guess the theme in this challange suits you like a odd sock :wink:


she is a fan of chocolate or is she the chocolate ?


Great concept! I was thinking further along with your man, and was thinking it might be interesting to have the opposite affect on him, buffing him up, making him see himself as more handsome in the mirror. Just a thought :slight_smile:


robo3687… we can only hope?..
gpepper… Lol, feeling’s mutual mate
Dimi… Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
fgdf… great to see you here again too
Handlebar… Ahhh… home at last8D
Zapan… Yaaay! Wouldn’t be the same without you
arturro… lol, Cool dude!
Gunilla… How could I spend my winter doing anything else? Thanks
flaeticia… Thanks, it’s always good to play with you
Nothingness… Good luck 2 U 2
scootermaya… Weeeeeeee indeed… unbelievable theme
DaddyMack… lol challenge only just starting and already you go too far
Zapan… :smiley: Thanks
Arturro… Hmm… it is soo common these days isn’t it
Dimi… lol… grow on me… I will tho mate;) Cheers
Swed… Thanks man, it’s from a concept I was already playing with
Intervain… DaddyMack trademarks ‘Flabtastic ™’ :stuck_out_tongue:
Frotze… Thanks, Loving Zbrush atm
Ozoka… Thanks, glad you like
SantoAnderson… Yeah me too… will toy with some sketches soon
The Mighty Monsitj… Thanks mate, it’s always an honour to watch your flow grow
mdavid… Humble thanks… I’ll try to do it justice
scootermaya… :smiley:
Gunilla.. Thanks G! Consider me going for it;)
SONIC-X… Yup, it’s winter here tho so nothin better to do
Claireabella… Humble thanks Claire, I was brought up with my mum and sis and now my family is me, my wife and 2 girls… I’ve had to be in touch or suffer the consequences:P You women truly intrigue me
cg219… Thanks, it should be fun to knock out
makaron… Eeeeeeee!!! Hi Mona, have you accepted that you are entering yet?
gpepper… Mmmmm… Chocolate…
tribes712… My thoughts exactly… It is the only way to really balance the irony. Thanks for chiming in

Wow Guys:D Thanks for all the amazing support :cry:wipes tear It’s great to be home again with you all… This is going to be insane:bounce::bounce::bounce:


hiya daddymack ! cool work there :twisted: … will spam around here to see what becomes of the nice lady :rolleyes:.



Hey Rob good to see you in the challenge! damn thats one hot mamma! keep it up man , I will be watching :smiley:



OH MY GOD!!! :smiley:

Lol, great start, look forward to see where she…goes :smiley:


So when i look in the mirror and see a six pack and full head of curly locks i’m just kidding myself. Great concept DM, i like the idea a lot, nothing is more strange than the human condition and the behaviour that tags along.

Steve 8)


Gonna watch this mom, Daddy! Whohaaaaaaaa… Good luck!


hey Daddy! great idea buddy and wow, you’re very good with the ZB3!! So quick. I love the fat body-great proportions.look forward to more!