Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rob Mack


Oweron… Thanks mate, I swear I put on a few pounds this challenge… too much time clicking clacking and midnight snacking:P

tnads… thanks, love your entry too

Sandpiper… nice indeed and likewise mate, I hope we battle alongside eachother again soon

r1-381… thanks, flab is fun;)

fgdf… Thanks… you’ll be back

coolkonrad… Cheers for the chime

paulinabrinck… sweet, my original concept was as you stated, midway it mutated into the heshe you see now so the mirror was flipped too

:bowdown: Thanks a mountain guys, I will remember this challenge with you all fondly as I wait for the next:bowdown:


a big Yoinks DaddyMack… You did it again a pic in true Mackstyle :bounce:

a big “flubby” laugh here and at the same time… some thoughts that I think you handle a serious topic with a gentle touch… and that is hard…

You Rock Bro :thumbsup:


makaron… Ahh the great fur queen:) How are you these days? Long time no C! Glad you liked the pic… did you check the animation? My subject matter kinda changed through the challenge into something umm… a little stranger:curious:


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