Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rob Mack


Looking really fun DaddyMack!
For some reason though it wont download the whole thing… Don’t know if flv, cgtalk og myself am to blame… :wink:

I like the change of soundtrack since last I saw the clip, very fitting :slight_smile:


The animation loads just to the place where she paints her nails :frowning:
Anyone else having problems with viewing that?
edit: dubbilan yes, and I noticed that problem with some of the other animations too, so if you too have that, I guess it’s a CGTalk problem, first I thought it’s my slow internet connection.

Daddy Mack is the last .flv the same thing as in the .mov some posts ago, or did you change anything? I can view only the .mov.
Great work, especially the moment where she fixes her bra and string. The voice fits in very well, you have a beautiful voice :wink:
I think you made her skin a little bit too shiny, but on the other hand on stage they need this.
I hoped to see this little dance which you’ve shown somewhere at the beginning of the thread.
Ending is great, it brings over the general idea very well.
Good luck for the contest.


overcontrast… :beer: Same with you mate, I always enjoy doing battle alongside you… I am amazed how well I connect with both your work and your personality… Thanks for making life more interesting Z!

DaddyMack… Yoinks!

chocoski… Humble thanks, it has been a fun journey from first post to last

Gunilla… No… more… fat jokes… :stuck_out_tongue: I know that we both approach the challenges from a similar angle Gunners, here to learn and play… You know you’re among my favourite imaginary friends G! and I genuinely look forward to the next time we play

handlebar… Thanks Steve, I really felt the growth from the push this time around… I filled a lot of the holes in the big picture with this one… Glad I can send some inspirration back your way, you rock mate! I still wanna collab on a little project with you Steve, will touch base soon;)

dubbilan… THanks, it’s been fun, the clip loads here… If it aint working you can always hit the ‘download .flv’ link underneath the vid

ania… THanks ania, The cgtalk server has been getting hammered lately so it’s probably a problem on their end, it loads here tho… there is a ‘download .flv’ link underneath the video that allows you to DL it and play it from your HD:) lol… obvious from your post about ‘my beautiful voice’ that you are yet to see the finale… lol, I made some truly terrible recordings for it and used the worst one… Thanks for all of your kind words and insight throughout the challenge

Wow… I go and get my first proper nights sleep without nightmares about flab and look what happens here:D Thanks for all the great response to this guys, I have genuinely grown as a result of this challenge and it was full of firsts for me… There is no way in the world that my commitment to this piece would’ve gone the distance without the pressure of wanting to impress you guys and without the support that has consistently been given to me throughout this challenge. Again, a humble :bowdown: to you all…

Much respect due


congrats Daddy mack! you did an awesome job, it was fun watching your progress
you are really hard core CG Artist. Respect due! " Jamaican slang"


Hi Dad,

For first: Congratulation on the final! It’s a great piece LOL! Good idea and a fine realisation my friend! It was a hard-hard work, I know. Skinning, sculpting and lot of other not visible but horror time eating tweaks and deatils… :bowdown:

For secco: I feel familiar with you about missing experiences nor skills. I used Softimage’s CAT for this time as an animation plugin for max. I also mentioned it to Gunnie. Now a newer version is out (3). I’m experimentin with the demo. It has some new features like muscle system. It’s really handy, but first time looks a bit difficult to get the cool result. Not too documented, but quite a fine online base is open. If you want to directly start with animating characters it works extremely fine. You can customise a rig like I did on the first project. It’s enabled to add custom meshez for a bone. Only have to add a head for expressions. Less modelin’ more animation. Perfect for learning via action. OK, just an idea. You know: “after challenge what to do to be better for next time mood” :slight_smile:

Am in the Self Taught League :buttrock:


Congratulations my friend, funny and creative final! :buttrock: :bounce:




Hey that turned out brilliantly. Wonderful stuff. I really liked your use of frames of text to make your point too - that was very elegant.

I also really like your approach to these challenges. There is (literally) a world of opinions and skills to benefit from in these things.

Congratulations and good luck from one self-taught person to another (although your self-taught stuff is miles ahead of mine!)


Well done mate :thumbsup:.

Now for some serious beach time,… well earnd.

Cheerio Chris


Wayne jermaine… Hey thanks man, this was a fun one to play with

Tremoside… Yeah mate, thanks, this really pushed my technical skills in max, he fought me sometimes but I learned heaps… I saw you and gunie talking about CAT and grabbed the demo and vids straight away… looks like a good little package and I’ll be playing with it soon. Right now I’ve got a simple little smiley face character that my daughter and I are using for some music that she made… s i m p l e:love:but I’ll be ready to fight another day soon… thansk T!

mdavid… Cheers Mark, it all came together nice and simple once the text came into play… simplest solution and all… Most of what I’ve learned both technical and aesthetic has come from these challenges, for me they are like a crazy little melting potwhere I can tap some of the best minds on the planet. lol… I don’t know about miles ahead tho. You’ve got one of those instantly recognisable styles throughout your work… I’m still trying to define mine… still wanna catch you for a beer someday soon too:beer:

Kanga… Hahaah you know it;)

Once again guys… :bowdown: humblest of thanks for all


I’m a fan and you know it, if you didn’t know now you know !
Great Job Rob ! I think you are crazier than me ! and it is a compliment !


gpepper… of course I knew mate, I’m your fanboy too… I think that’s the beauty of challenge time, we all mutually look up to each other so much that it gives us more reason to strive… Ummm… I’m not sure about ‘crazier than you’ though… PIOU PIOU… PIOU PIOU… I can still hear it. Thanks G!, been at this with you since M+S… Always a pleasure to battle alongside you my friend:buttrock:


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Hey guys, check out the latest still of looie, the monkey in my avatar here… Hope you get a laugh out of it:D


hey Rob

great final man, congrats… nice addition to ur reel! now sit back and watch the rest of us squirm ;p

checked out ur monkey character, it’s awesome man, animate it! it looks so cool!


Versiden… Martin you legend! thanks mate, this was a fun piece to grow with, it’s already gotten me some work (which I knocked back… I’m finally having summer this year). Glad you like Looie too, I originally made him as a still shot character but it seems he needs to be animated so I’ll rerig him and get cracking soon. A pleasure doin business with you on this challenge mate, thanks:beer: and good luck


Mr Mack. DaddyMack! I am just amazed how your skills are growing with every challenge. But make sure your not going to end up as this giant beauty! We don´t want to grow that much :thumbsup: Great job, solid animation. Good luck with judging and cya next time!


Looking really fun! Great job.

Congratulations and good luck:thumbsup:



nicely done sir! Great from start to finish.

It’s nice to be done isn’t it? It was a pleasure to have joined you in this strange adventure!



of course this is about as stange as it gets. nice work, it looks like you did some cool tricks to make all that blubber jiggle around when he/she walks.
pretty solid entry from start to finish.


Awasome work you’ve done. I just regret I couldnt participate more around here but you made it anyway!!

now vacations!!


Great work I must say!


It looks really cool, just one concern from a female point of view: girls (most of us) see ourselves as fater than we are instead of thinner!