Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rob Mack


very good
in the last part, where she holds her dress, she looks a bit stiff, I think it would look better if the body bended a bit.


How you doin’ Rob? Am deadly tired :slight_smile: Hope Ur things goes well :thumbsup:


ania… Thanks, I agree, I’m cutting that shot short for that very reason

Tremo… Tired, dazed and confused but on schedule mate;) We’re nearly there


Yup :thumbsup: have to buy some beers for the end! One beer and I will be totally knocked out LOL, sor sure :). Go-go-go :bounce:


Yes indeed,… strange behaviour:thumbsup:.

Well done mate!
Cheerio Chris


Tremoside… Woohoo!.. beer! beer! beer! bed! bed! bed!.. Has been apleasure battling alonside you once again mate:bowdown:

Kanga… Thanks you legend!

Weee… Almost finished post, will udate in 5… 4… 3…


Hi guys, I post this as we reach the final moments of this challenge so that you guys can hopefully get a laugh during these deadly days…

Hit the pic or grab the full (half res) anim here…

Easily one of my more bizarre statements and a reflection of the way we all delude ourselves… Hope you like


Cool ! great great great !
I think you have to upload it with the challenge uploader.
Convert your video in Flv…


Thanks G! I will… right after I go fully final with it;)


Ok, sorry, I thought it was the final…:blush:


nearly nearly… still some very minor kinks and the big ass render


nice animation…is so sexy!:beer:now it will go ti my video challenge collection!:wavey:


Hi guys, here’s the pretty much final image, thank you all humbly for your input and insights into this piece wipes tear You guys rock! I can see the growth that happened in me this time 'round and will improve in my weaker areas before the next challenge hits…


Hey my friend You already thinkin’ of the next challenge? OMG! Tipical hardcore challenger you’re :thumbsup: Like this way you thinkin! GOGOGO! I want laugh my socks off!



it’s funny T! you know I never went to school for this stuff, all self taught and my learning goes through the roof every time I do a challenge with you guys… I plan to knuckle down and learn some serious animation over the next year and yeah, I’d love to come back, more ninja than ever, and have a serious shot at kickin your asses;)


thats the spirit daddy!!.. a master in its making we see :smiley: all the best with all ur future plans… now show us the final animation!! 1 day to go… OMG gotta get back to work!


Software: 3ds max,Photoshop,ZBrush

This was a fun piece, it kinda evolved itself…

Basically the premise is that an extra large cross dressing man sees himself as sexy… Sexy to the point that when he looks in the mirror he sees a beautiful woman

The beuaty of delusion is that it is often the first step on the path to greatness… Unfortunately… Sometimes… Delusion is just delusion…

Delusion can help us to achieve things which we couldn’t without them. Sometimes it can help to think you are a little better than you actually are at something so that you can feel confident enough to really give it a go. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you delude yourself about something you’re just not good at it and seriously need some training…

This is a good lesson learned for me through this challenge, that my animation skills are only average and I want them to be excellent… Time for some hard work me thinks;)

Thanks a mountain to you all for the great support and comradery throughout!

Play Video >>


what a nice piece you got there!
beautiful concept and execution! u’ve done a wonderful job on your entry!


Wow! The final scene just made it lift the roof! Wonderful work Rob… congrats!

you know I never went to school for this stuff, all self taught and my learning goes through the roof every time I do a challenge with you guys…

Same here - I hope we can continue to grow together in future challenges.
Wait! Did I say grow? Not the best word to choose here :smiley:

You rock, DiscoDad :wink:


What can i say DM other than a hearty congrats on the final, it’s been a pleasure to follow your progress. Brilliant! The energy you put into these challenges is inspireing and it’s great to watch your skills develop as you push the bouderies, best of luck.