Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rob Mack


Tremoside… Thanks, thanks and thanks T! the chase is on!

Wayne jermaine… THanks mate, great to see you back here too

Render render render freak out freak out freak out animate animate animate… Rinse and repeat… more soon:D


Hahaha Daddy… ROTFALOL!!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Your frantic comments sometimes really cheer me up! Good working spirit!


npantic… Thanks, I’m glad to share the frantic nature of this last dash with you:beer: Pretty sure it’s where most of us are at atm…


she is doing a T pose dance :slight_smile: …I like it , good luck DaddyMack:applause:


Knock-Knock :banghead: where are you?
How is it goin? Is it OK with the renders? Am sure it is, just a little suspense from you till next update :thumbsup: Be careful, we’re watching! You have too much fans including me :slight_smile:

:wavey: Keep it up Rob!


MentalRender… now that would be strange behaviour

Tremoside… Aaaargh!!! It’s all going wrong!!! Everything is outta control… not… smooth sailing here mate, Got all my rendering done except for the last big scene which i’m about to start animating… just holding off on the updates while I get some work done

I wrote some lyrics today…

[b]‘I’m much too sexy for this
and way too sexy for that
I’m your Foxy foxy Mamma
I’m your little pussy cat’

You watch me blow you a kiss
you watch me shake my booty too
You better be sure about this
I’m just too sexy for you’[/b]

Hey… the piece is called the beauty of delusion… he is too sexy:P


Heh, I see why you were amused, neat concept. Wonder which side of the mirror the truth is on.


just one of the many shots my little 1kw reactor has been chuggin away on… hope you like


Excellent Rob ! Excelletn stuff ! Rendering, modeling and animation ! Can’t wait to see the final !
Are you a song writer ?


Heyyya Rob! Will ya sing that song for audio? Honestly… man will hear your voice there? :thumbsup:

Nice render my friend! That mirror has i’s depth! Am calmed now. Good to hear everything’s on tha way. :bounce: :bounce: Burn those render buckets! Am sitting on needles of waiting for final from you. Still have time to polish tiny things, but curiosity is stronger than me :slight_smile:


niva… Cheers… Mirrors don’t lie

DaddyMack… Oooo… kayyyy…

gpepper… thanks G! this challenge has been particularly fun to play out with you guys… it’s great to see such wierdness and quality from so many of us… can’t wait to see the finish all 'round

Tremoside… lol… I’ve been practicing drag queen voices for about a week now (my kids keep looking @ me wierd) Will post all but last shot soon;) I hope I can do this justice… my animation skills are definitely not the greatest strength in this piece… I plan to practice more anim this year and come back fighting again

Thanks for all the great support you guys:beer::wavey: good luck with the last week


Software: 3ds max,ZBrush

Even though it has its moments I’m not quite proud of the animation in this piece… I see much tired work but otherwise very happy with everything else… Learned heaps tho… I’ll try and redeem myself with the grand finale

O and yaay I figured out the whole flv and uploader thang


Play Video >>


hehe, cool man
it would be nice if the flab had some 2ndary animation on it… but otherwise it’s looking good

bit too much celluloid for my liking tho ;ppp


Hey Daddy M…fantasatic work mate! sorry I wasn’t here for it been a bit out of the loop.
really clever and hilarious animation. the little routines she goes through are priceless!
love the music you’ve got too


GREAT!! look cool!! and i like music…


Versiden… thanks mate, I agree… my modifier stack really started acting up when I fiddled with Flex so to get tit finished on time I had to ditch some of the secondary

shakes… thanks daddyshakes, I’m having waaay too much fun over here… missed your zaniness on this one mate… ou’ll be back

infoarq… thanks:) it’s been fun

Well… I had a few grey spots in how I was going to final this and yesterday it came to me… I think I’ll even finish ahead of deadline and it should all read a little better when I’m done…

Thanks for the immense support on this guys :bowdown::wavey:


Heyaaa… I fixed the stack issues with flex and have added some classy jiggle to the last shot… This is really shaping up now but eating my world… Can’t wait for this challenge to be over so that I can take on something simple…


Haha I know that feeling. Be glad when we’re done. But it looks awesome mate, very cool! Be great to see the final :slight_smile:


Haha! and haha! again.
That is some real cool moves for the babe - I love the first scene with the toenail painting. Looking forward to see the new jiggle on those cellulites. Wait, did I just say that!? :scream:

Is that you singing in the soundtrack? Almost BoneyM quality :wink:


Trickz… thanks for the boost, this is by far one of the hardest challenges I’ve taken yet, it’s been awesome… it’ll be great to see everyones finals here for sure and I’ll be happily spending next week reformatting etc to start anew…

Gunilla… thanks again G! and it’s okay… I’ve tried to make it like ‘it disgusts me but… I … can’t… stop… watching…’ A good mate called it disturbing but seductive… Thanks

My reactor is still chugging away on the final sequence ( max estimated 15 hours left for the last 12 hours lol ) I’ve got 90% of the sound done and most of the post work too so it’s really only going to be some final refinements and the big render to final it and start sleeping again… mmmm… sleeeeeppp…