Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rob Mack


New and improved… now with makeup


Oh wow! That’s scary! Beautiful work. He’s looking totally believable


HOLY ROTTEN EGG!! Thats ugly… ahm … i mean in a good way ofcorse LOL. I dig the hair man… but IMO the hair line looks a bit to regular?.. overall a gr8 update… its gonna b a blast to look at it wen finished!!:bounce:


mdavid… Thanks mate, I’ve got a day off so I’ll try add some glitter this morn…

overcontrast… Thanks Z! THe hairline is meant to look like a cheap and nasty wig… the line you see is the skullcap of the wig

That hair is geometry 300k polys because MR was hanging on full scene + Hair renders… workaround time…

Thanks guys

More soon:D


aooo… hahahaha ROCK ON!! dude how u handling that much geo with the lighting and all! what devil machine are you feeding on?:eek:


:smiley: Dell Precision 690
2x dual core 5050 processor
Quadrofx 4500

hugs pc:love:

Plus my old beast is next to it on a kvm so I can render, switch, and work

no excuses…

My scene, when all is turned on for rendering has almost 2mill polys and maxes out my 4gig, I think that is why MR was hanging on the hair and fur render… more ram soon


:eek: daymn you PC hugging bastard!! I envy you!! :cry::banghead: smaks head on the monitor

hey why dont you try rendering the fur on a separate pass?.. that might let you render everything and porbobly save u a lot of render time…


hmmm… could try passes… deadline is tight tho and I don’t wanna put anything hazrdous into the mix… Great suggestion Z! but I think I should just chug ahead as planned for now…
My pc can handle it, I render mostly while I sleep or teach;)


A little specular and then I’ll try add some glitter


Haha! Looking at him and then at your avatar - same hairdresser! :smiley:

Glad to see you’re hanging in there - now keep on boogie :thumbsup:


Lol, great work on the hair DM, you should give her the stage name of Afroditie.

Steve 8)


Gunilla… lol… all my characters have been bald:cry: even this one’s wearing a wig…

Handlebar… Ahaaaahhh that’s awesome Steve! I was going Delihla but Afrodite… I’m still laughing while I type… Your insight and humour once again has got me. Afrodite it is

Test render soon I will:wavey:


Just a shot of the whole room… Hope you like :)Animations soon


nasty…the gril of my dreams!..hehehe…nice modeling dude. but i think that the hair looks too hard!..or thats the idea?:eek:


I like that you did a power-up to red-black-white atmosphere, with the small colour details and skin colour inside! And the level of realism… frightening! :slight_smile:


The more I see it the more I love it !
Great job Rob !


What you are doing is very clever stuff. It’s looking fantastic. I like the fact that the hair looks like a cheap poorly-shaped wig too - you know what you are doing and you are doing it well. Good luck taking this through to the final, mate :thumbsup:


melkao… Thanks mate, I agree about the hair, it’s meant to look badbut not that bad… I’m refining it slightly to better suit

npantic… frightening! thanks, I take that as a great compliment… this is by far my most advanced work since switching to max last year

gpepper… Damn… sounds like a Barry Manilow song mate:D

mdavid… :blush: Thanks Mark, I’ve got next week off for the home stretch so I am really hoping to pull out all stops and nail the last few scenes… your comments really give me a boost:beer:

I did a full res test and it took 7 hours to render for the still image (3600x3000) so there’s a good nights sleep… I’ll try and finalise some posing and post a prev of my aim for the final shot before I head to work today…

Thanks for all of the amazing support:bowdown::wavey:


HHhhehh:) OMG that’s a hair!! Ups, hope you can handle it with that reactor you call PC :bounce: Congrats on the fatty face’s makeup and shading. Impressive. Reminds me a parrot’s colour palette. Fits perfectly with the figure. Funny and clean work!

Push my friend. Deadline’s here. :beer: KEEP IT UP :bounce:


hey man those two chicks are looking great man!!