Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rob Mack


Hi guys, I’ve setup most of the rendering budgets and broken them into windows where I wont be using the pc (sleep work etc) and it is still viable to crunch this out… I’ve been animating shots to get ahead of schedule while tweeking the final render… here’s where I’m at with the first shot… hope you like

Hit the image for the anim or get it here


Pleeeeeeeease don’t kill me! It’s crazy, man, oh no, my stomach :bounce: :bowdown: :bounce: Ajjjiiii… Those images… argh! Man, push it forward I want more :scream: It’s my night laugh for sure! Best choice to an end of a day.


I am just sitting back and enjoying the show


pretty good animation for the hand movement. are you planning to show the nail polish actually getting applied to an unpainted nail? wondering if you have a solution for that yet…i guess something like an animated ramp texture could do the trick.
good progress…i wish i was as far along as you.


good start so far… that afro is killing me! haha

I think the brush seems to almost slide into the hand, and doesn’t feel like the hand is grabbing the brush.


It’s all falling into place DM, the photo’s in the frames are pure genius. Good luck with the rest of the anim.


Tremoside… hahaah! Thanks mate, your posts made my day:bowdown:

Wayne jermaine… :smiley: More soon

r1-381… Fixing in post, 2 renders and some simple compositing

Versiden… Thanks mate, fixing the pickup fought me too much so I’m leaving it… got too many other priorities atm

handlebar… :beer: Thanks H!

Taking some time off for a short holiday with my girls:D Will be back in a few days with some renders me thinks


DaddyMack is back from the break, my main machine is still rendering so no real updates yet but is all looking good so far… will post some renders and anims tonight for crit :wavey:


the animation looks pretty nice…it will looks really amazing…nice job:thumbsup:


Hi guys, just a little of the current WIP… C+C appreciated as always

Hit the pic or get it here


great shading really. ANd I like the sensation of light.


…now that’s funny!!! :bounce:


oh my God…thats so dirty…you are so sick…jajajajaja…so funny!:thumbsup:


melkao… Thanks, I’m hoping I can make it all work:D

DaddyMack… :curious:

authentic… Thanks, it’s nowhere near how far I hoped to take it but easily some of my best looking animated rendering so far

Claireabella… :smiley: THanks, much appreciated

melkao… Cheers, it’s getting sillier as I go

I scored the skeleton of the soundtrack for this piece from my mate and am doing a little restructuring to suit… planning to hit final around the 1 minute mark… Still got plenty o juice in the tank for this guys… Will be chasing your tails to the line:buttrock:


Looks great… only one small crit: I expected whe she/he pulls her panties, my eye expected that her fat will smooth, flex back a little at the places where her body is released… ?


npantic… Yeah me too… I had higher expectations of this project but time has gotten me again and cuts I had to make

I’m brush deep in makeup atm and will post some more anim and render soon


Wow! Your animation is looking amazing. Excellent stuff. I really like the environment you’ve set with all the theatrical strong reds and stuff


wow…thats really neat


AHAHAHAH ! Excellent ! I’m still laughing when I think about it !
A real good job with animation !


mdavid… Thanks Mark, it’s loads of fun to animate this fella and it’s the first piece I’ve defined a palette for, thanks for noticing:beer:

KoraggTheKnightWolf… Cheers, more soon

gpepper… thanks G!.. I’ve been really trying to inject as much funny factor as possible into this one

I’ve got a few more renders done which I’ll post once I compile them… There are some major shots to be animated still but I have a little time off this week so I should post many an update soon… Thanks again for all the support guys:bowdown::wavey: