Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rob Mack


Hi guys, here’s the base face rig tested in action… some of the shapes still need tweeking and the makeup is just a placeholder… Hope you like

Hit the image for the or get it here


yow daddy! fat mamas looking good man… like the facial rig man! keep up the good works!


Looking good! BRAVO!:thumbsup:


nice face rigg! know any tutorial for this kind of rigg?:thumbsup:


overcontrast… Thanks Z! It’s all coming together now… Gonna give you a run for your money mate

adib… Thanks, more to come

melkao… It is a modified version of the technique I learned from Jason Osipas book ‘Stop staring’ If you buy it you will be very happy;)

Coming soon to a screen near you… On helluva Frazy Animatic:D


This is the beginning of the animatic guys, it will be broken into 3 basic acts…

Here’s the plan; whole thing is shot to Daddy Cool (thanks Gunners!) at the end of this seq (act1) He will be dancing, posing, looking at himself in the mirror while he dons makeup, wig etc, here’s where we’ll see what he looks like in his mind… After he’s finally dressed up and ready there will be a fade to act 3 with him performing some of the more fun parts of the song on stage… Singing both the deep and high parts of the song and hamming it up drag queen style… I’m hoping to end with him sitting at his desk in a suit singing badly to the music in headphones…

Grab act 1 by hitting the pic or get it here


Jason Osipas eh?..thanks for the tip!..i will seek for that book!


weeee… I’m starting the animation today of act 1… updates soon:D


nice job daddy mac


Love it!

The plan sounds good - absolutely crazy fun. And the idea for the ending is good, gives it a sad twitch… it’s all in his dreams :cry:


Wayne jermaine… :beer: where’s our rockin buddy?

Gunilla… :cry: I agree Gunners, I’ve gone over it again and again and again and it is just such an awesome track. it builds and unleashes in a perfectly camp retro kinda way. And the ending enhances the tragic nature of the piece. Unfortunately, after contacting CGS staff about it I was pointed to the copyright material section of the rules and realised that I clearly can’t enter it for judging… Not that I think I can beat the V!s, G!s and Z!s of this challenge (they’re kicking some serious A$$) but I still wanna compete… Soooo… I went and saw an old friend today who said he’d give writing a track for the piece a shot… Me thinks we’re onto something here too. Time will tell tho… Thanks for the Pom Poms :smiley:

More soon:wavey: thanks for the great support


sorry for double posting


It’s a pity you can’t use that, it would fit really well
You can try to find some music on Jamendo
They are under free licence, so I believe you can use it without problems, you also can contact and ask the author for a particular piece (I did so and they agreed)


Hi guys, tweeked up the room a bit… Mostly refining the palette. What do you guys think?


wow, texturing is very good…! Both on model and on props!
Only the skinny woman looks a bit odd in colour, like somewhat green…thats only, everything else seems perfect


looks amazingly good keep going mate …:thumbsup:


Lighting is looking cool, nice job with it. I feel the table seems a bit overexposed on some parts, and maybe too orange, what do u think?


Ohh… well, to bad you can’t use the original soundtrack, but it can be wise not risking anything. I bet you’ll find something good.
The colorset looks fine. They work well together and the lighting looks great!

And for moves, I think you could find some cool ones in this discoclip


ania… Thanks for the link… I’ll use that as a backup plan

DaddyMack… Frazy man…

npantic… Thanks, this shot is actually with no tex on characters just a tweeked sss material. I’ll adjust the skinny mamma, thanks for the lookin

thebest… Thanks, I hope I can meet the deadline on this…

Hmmm… the table should be darker I think… thanks V!

Gunilla… hah! 4:15am here and I just watched the clip through… definitely tickled my funny bone thanks G!

Well guys, I’ve finally got some animation growing on this side of the screen… I hope to finalise some textures today and get serious about rendering scenes while I animate… Good luck to you all and thanks for so much super support:bowdown::wavey:


HEhhhe, Rob… it’s goin so well! :thumbsup: :applause: Like that facial rig. Looks handy! Keep it up, Ur progress is fine. And… don’t forget to fire up those engines for the last month :slight_smile:

Let’s rock :buttrock: