Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rob Mack


hey daddy the fat chick is bringing sexy back


This shot is so cool !
You changed your idea ?
Ok, let’s see how it will turn…


soapy… Thanks mate, wouldn’t really be a challenge if you weren’t here entertaining us:D

Versiden… lol… the differences are only subtle, he’s been taking female hormones to grow boobs and soften his skin… He has a little more muscle, stronger brow, bigger nose and jaw and fake eyelashes. Rigging is driving me nuts… soo many corrective shapes

handlebar… THanks Steve, I’m finally back on track with all of it, updates across the board soon

varma… Thanks V! He is almost ready to shake his money maker for the first time

soapy… Indeed… thanks

Gunilla… :blush: disgusting and charming… You say the sweetest things G! I plan to really try and make a connection here… Humblest of thanks

overcontrast… Thanks Z! I’m trying my wee little heart out here, this is by far the hardest project I’ve ever taken on… The queen was fun, she’s a maneater… literally:P

npantic… Thanks, it’s gonna get messy in here soon…

Wayne jermaine… lol… Baby got back!

gpepper… Thanks G! it was a fun break from being a slave to this project and pop that little pic out

Argh… Rigging this mighty misters body for some of the posing I want him to do is proving seriously serious… Nearly there tho, the face rig is sweet thanks to the new topo and I’m doing my first ever eyelashes. I will post some ballet animation I’m currently using to test the rig soon:bowdown: Thanks for all of the awesome support you guys… Much respect due :bowdown:


argh I had correcting volumes with corrective shapes, it leads to so much trouble and u can end up having to create shapes for every possible rotation/xzy position. I usualy rig shape deformers that are linked to bone rotations…and seldom using shapes as last ditch resort. Goodluck man!


Versiden… Yup, I’d normally have some simple influence objects on it in Maya but I’m trying to figure some solid workflows in Max… Haven’t nailed it down just yet but am getting closer using skin morph and external target with vertex select on. The rig is 90% fine except for the belly… It’s hard to measure how to make the corrections for volume as well as movement when he bends over or the legs are rotated upwards. If I can’t figure it soon I may limit some of the full body shots


Hi guys, I’ve been finalising some aspects of the rig… I have a skin morf for the belly driven by the rotation of each leg to create the illusion of collision with the legs… I’ve been concentrating mostly on building the face morfs with the help of transmografier for mirroring… I’ll post some face tests soon

I plan to create an animatic soon too:D

Hit the pic fgor the .mov or get it here

Hope you like… C+C most appreciated:wavey:


Wow…Cool animation…:thumbsup:


and the fat lady has danced!.. o the show is still running!! hehehe gr8 animation test buddy!.. i like the fix around the belly… well done… now i guess ur gonna focus on the upper portion of her body. I’ll be waiting for another update…


Very funny animation, creepy too. Not the kind of dude I would want for a cellmate…

Looking at this movie and thinking about those kool morphing movies youv’e done, I got the idea that you could add a hint of something inside his stomach trying to escape. Or perhaps for another project.


haha, the test is cool man, good job…how long did that take to animate? that dance is crazy ;p


Ouhhh - looking cool! Perhaps a tad more flabbery for the belly, some flex perhaps? Face expressions looks great. Keep on stunning us :thumbsup:


Maybe it is time to run to the final line Rob !
Your tests are cool but you need to finish this ! only 46 days !
animation seem to be ok but there is still render, environment, compositing, final cut, etc…
It seems to me that we have just few time to finish !
Hurry man !


That really cracks me up! I like his/her choreography as well as facial acting! Very teatrical!
You just can’t afford not to have a background music for this clip!
Shake that …!


Aaaggrrh wonderous and disgusting in same time :). A nightmare came true! :slight_smile:

Besides that i agree with Gpepper, time is leaking… but I see no problem for you, because Animation contest states that the character will be in focus (which cannot prevent me to continue my furniture production :wink:


very good dance, only thing bothering me is that she seems to have her shoulders too high, in some poses that is alright and fits well, but in other poses it looks like she’s forgot to put her shoulders down again.


Wow, that’s fantastic DM, i just had a mental image of her/him getting down to the House of Pains ‘Jump Around’ :bounce: not a pretty site. You realy are pushing the boat out with this challenge Robert and your hard work is evident with every update. Your character is full of life.


JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA…thats so funny…a sexy nightmare!..nice job mate!:thumbsup:


[b]Hazaro…/b Thanks, it’s all fun and games

[b]overcontrast…/b Cheers mate, I’m nearly done all the morfs, just a few emotions and some minor rig tweeks and I can get serious about animation

[b]soapy…/b Ben… Ben Dover… lol… I can see a chest burster goin nuts in there too… this char will return to play another day

[b]Versiden…/b The dance is just a mocap seq from school… I added it to the biped and saw the first 2 claps line up twith the music an the way the bod moves about so much and thought it’d be perfect for this test

[b]Gunilla… /bThere is a default flex on the belly which I didn’t really test… will turn it up a bit:D thanks

[b]gpepper…/b Ihears ya, I only spent 20 mins setting the facial for this test… the rest is mocap, it might look like I’m playing here but it’s all work… I promise:P I am having a little trouble deciding exactly which way I’ll do this atm, I’ve given myself til the end of the weekend to commit. Thanks for the kick up the bum:thumbsup:

[b]varma…/b Hmm… I really originallly wanted to tell a story, now I just want to put on a drag show:curious: I will definitely have some kind of ‘performance’ in the sequence tho… Thanks

[b]ania…/b Yup, I know… each time I add a mocrap seq to the biped I used the neck drops down to between the shoulders… dunno why but it means I wont be mocapping this for final anim…

[b]handlebar…/b Ahhaaahaaahh… lol… I saw a fairy trying to be tough guy attitude in that vision you just sent H!.. THanks for the boost… the proof will undoubtedly be in the pudding

[b]melkao…/b Thanks, he’s crazy like a fool

OK guys… heres my current procrapstination problem…

I want to tell a story with this, I want to really show the character getting dressed up and ‘turning into’ a woman before he sees herself in the mirror.


I like the personality this character oozes when he performs soo much that I just wanna do a medly of the character singing his greatest hits into a brush in the mirror… I’m hearing girls just wanna have fun, Daddy cool, I will survive, Dancing queen and sooo many other cheesy queeny classics…

I keep hearing the words Strange Behaviour in my head and think that him getting dressed up isn’t nearly as strange as him performing with a brush and seeing her in the mirror… help… mee…

I have budgeted 2 days for this indecision and will commit by the end to a final concept… much animation will follow. What do you guys think? Any input?

Also… any requests/ songs to add to my list of ‘must performs’?


Hi guys, just a quick construct of the assets I currently have… loads of work to do, I know…


nice render keep going mate :thumbsup: