Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rob Mack


thebest… thanks… I’ll try and do it justice

slangford… I can see the animatic… I’ve written a 1 page screenplay for it, I’ll try knock out an animatic in the next 2 days

Wayne jermaine… Yup a nice… man by the looks of things… all will be explained soon:P

Thanks, I’ve actually chosen to recreate some of the poorer topology on the face and body and I’m going to rework this mamma into a man… back to the drawing board.

Here’s a pic of some of the mess I’m cleaning up

I’ll try and be swift to nail out this model properly as well as the animatic.

Thanks again for all the great advice and support peeps:bowdown::wavey:


Ouch! That’s one amazing mesh clean-up. Your new idea sounds fun


Gosh! There’s nothing can stop you now, Robster :thumbsup:
The face rig works fine - and I really begin to like her more and more for each test, such a cheerful little thing she is :smiley:
About the new idea. I’m sure it could turn out really funny. However… I believe the first concept is much more interesting content wise. Apart from being funny it also has some deeper meaning which I really like about it.
Either one will fit the challenge perfectly and with the speed you’re at you will probably make them both :slight_smile:


Cool Variation…Sweet Models…Congratulations:thumbsup:


Very effective cleanup! it looks much more efficient now! I’m sure it will animate better
after this!
more updates!


mdavid… Aaahh the pain the pain… Should’ve got it right first time tho

Gunilla… Thanks for the boost G! I’ve got too many things happening at the moment and it’s hard to see how I can finish up. I plan to inject some humour but also deeper meaning and disturbance into this… don’t worry, the change is for the good…

Hazaro… thanks, it’s been fun so far

varma… There will be more focus on the face than I originally intended so this cleanup is a necessity…

I have almost got a happening screenplay on this end… I’ll post it for you guys to rip at once its done.

Thanks for the great support and criticisms, it is truly driving this project:bowdown::wavey:


Hi guys, I made this silly shot to say farewll to the Mamma as I am definitely moving forward with my character being a man instead… I’ve retopologised all of the problem areas on him, re uv’d and I’ll be rerigging this weekend… then I plan to run the gauntlet and animate the shots I’ve got lined up.

Hope you all like devoura
more soon


Yup Rob, the idea is cool! He-she. Crazy. Like all those tweaks you made on fat mamma. Also these funny animations :slight_smile: Cleanup huh? These kind of vertex smashez makes man mad for sure so congrats on that :thumbsup: I have a comment only on mamma’s hand. Can it be a bit more puffy? That’s a bit thin now. Especially the palm area. Nothing else. Just push the limits man. As you used to.

Probably you will kill some of us with these funny stuffs. Am already half dead from laugh :applause: man, one day you will be punished :buttrock: ehhh :scream: but do not change!


looks fun,

all the best, your idea have good potential.



Awesome render, the last one! REally incredible! Give it a cavelike background and dim lighting and it’s a masterpiece! Great amount of details and placements!



Hi guys, after some serious hours this guy is almost ready to go, I plan to run final detailing, texturing, rigging etc while I start to block out the shots for the animation… I hope you like him…

For now he is calling himself Gorgeous George unless someone has a better name for him… Expect some fun updates soon:P


Tremoside… lol… Welding and cutting mesh in my dreams man. :beer: Glad you like the direction this is heading, I hold your input in the highest regard Tremo… As for the palm, i changed it, fattened it up, it was also a rig problem which I’ve fixed, and the wrists are stronger too (since she’s a he) Thanks for the brain borrow

pixelpiyan… Thanks, I agree loads of potential, now I just need to realise it…

varma… :smiley: Glad you like it Varma, it was kinda therapeutic to take some time off the project and play around

DaddyMack… You’re a very very silly man

Thanks for all the great support guys, more soon:wavey:


Wow Amazing stuff Daddy-O. You are rockin zbrush and those videos are very kool. You have me jealous of all that modeling and animation skill. Well I am looking forward to the rest of the trip, better late than never.


I can’t see the differences btwn the female and male version, it’s probably just me

goodluck with the rig, all that fat looks like a nightmare to preserve all the volume!


Great stuff DM, that mesh is looking super clean and ready for action. Looking forward to you’re progress.

Steve 8)


I agree, very clean mesh and good topology! It was well worth the doublework!
Hope to see him/her (?) in action as soon as the rigging is done!
Shake that body!!!


Hahah, that could be the point?


Hail the Queen! :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:

I’m so impressed by your work here, you’re totally dancing here along with your creations. I like the way you make them both disgusting and charming at the same time. Truly sympathetic.

Your sincere fangirl




its so fun to drop by ur thread… theres always a party atmosphere here… very nice updates u got there mate…lol the queen is looking angry! keep going buddy… waiting to c more from u soon!


I would not like to meet the Queen in real life :scream: . I am anxious (and afraid :eek: ) to see what is coming next…!