Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rob Mack


Looking great man!! Only thing you might look at is the shoulder area. Even though this is an extreme-nightmare self-image take on an over wieght chick, you might smooth out some of areas like the shoulder… big people are typically more smooth-ish as all muscle definition gets covered up. (like this)

So whats next? :bounce:


oh I noticed, I have the feeling she has too thin fingers, some thick short sausage fingers would fit better. but I’m not sue because I dont’t see it well in the perspectives of your recent posts.

great work on the bra.
does she have a string tanga too? I guess it’s covered.


overcontrast… lol… I’ve grown a bit o jelly around my belly this winter too mate. too much clicking clacking and late night snacking. Thanks mate, glad you umm… like her

mdavid… Whoah!.. Insidious… What a powerful word mate, thanks:bowdown: it captures the vibe I’m after perfectly and will be a measuring stick for her actions. Thanks

slangford… Gotcha, I noticed the huge diff that the crease removal in her gut made and plan to soften all of the borders between the fatty tissue more… I’ll start some seious dimpling after that… Good lookin out :beer:

ania… lol… I’m actually still struggling with her Gstring… I’ll finish it soon. Thanks for the headsup on the fingers, I’ll definitely refine them asap. I plan to spend next week creating morph targets for her face and flab so I kinda wanna finalise her.

I thinkI’ve procrastinated enough with all of this so I’ll finalise character models soon and figure out how the hell I’m gonna texture rig and animate this heffa and her less endowed friend… Thanks for the great insights and support guys, it keeps me on track here:bowdown::wavey:


The belly area looks much better now!
I’m also in favor of Idea 1!
Go for it!


Hey mate, you got a really funny idea there, its coming along quite nicely:thumbsup: Keep it up.

And i also think the idea Nº1 is the better option.

I loved the sexy back video btw, it was… disturbingly funny :surprised


varma… Thanks Mat, I’ve reworked the face and the rest of the bod to a little less exaggerated state… Idea 1 was the original so I’ll probably run with it

shy-guy… lol… Great thanks man:D Sexy back is my fav too… I plan to don our mocap suit and do the dance for the end credit sequence myself:curious:

Update to follow:wavey:


Hi guys, I reworked the bod and face to hopefully a slightly more realistic, slightly less monstrous state… I also tried to key in the skinny womans face with the shape of the eyes, lips and nose… I’ll post a morph comparison soon

How’s she look?


hi guys, here’s just a little comparison betwwen the thin mamma, the v1 big mamma and the new mamma faces… The final is about the 100 frame mark

1mb quicktime


Hey daddy mack, your stuff is fun man always makes my day. I visit everyday to get a laughter

I love the skinny chick vs big chick whip. Keep on coming with those updates mate.


every update looks better…more details on the model…very nice jobwith the legs and hips…:applause:


Wayne jermaine… Thanks mate, this project has been hard for me to take seriously because it tickles me a bit too;) I get the feeling that your anim will be loads of fun as well

melkao… Thanks, I think I’m finished her base model for now. I can finally stop looking at pictures of fat women

Looks like I’ll be tied up with rigging for a bit guys… back soon:wavey:


Hi guys, got up to some early mornin morf making… Just working on the base shapes for both o these babes. The plan is to make the main morfs on the thin mamma and then apply them to the big mamma as base shapes to refine into finals… I’ve noticed some issues with the corner of the mouth which I’ll tend to but overall I’m happy with the first test.

Here’s the 1mb .mov


The chin/cheek area looks improved and very good now! I’m curious to see what kind of
hair you will be choosing for her, that would be a sensation, and of course eyes!
one thing I have been thinking about, The body from the bra area and up, looks scaled
down, comparing to the rest of the body, and laid back! If you could scale that part up
and move it a bit forward? But again I could be wrong!
Hair, Hair, Hair now!


Hi guys, been marking exams so no updates for a while but I made some time this morning to start on the morf and rig… here’s a little test, the rig is not quite up to standard yet but fun nonetheless.

hit the pic or grab it here



lol couldn`t stop laughing when I read what u wrote on it …nice face rig mate :thumbsup:


varma… thanks mate, I’ll try to balance the shoulders with the rest of the form a bit more… I’ve always had hair issues so I’ve been putting it off… thanks for the nudge;)

thebest… :D:beer:

OK… here goes… I’m taking on extra work aaand extra study… Something’s gotta give. I’m not totally attached to this project yet because other than the big mamma, the rest just doesn’t fully float my boat yet. I’m worrying that it isn’t stron enough to maintain my attention through the next 2 months. I’ve been looking for the hook and may have found it…

[b]She is a he?.. I’m thinking that the big Mamma could easily be a cross dressing man who has delusions about how he looks as a female in the mirror… The sequence could be of him slowly getting ready to go out while grooving away to and singing along with the pussycat dolls ‘Dontcha’ while we get a lookin on how he sees himself change into a beautiful woman with each layer of femininity he adds to himself… Far stranger behaviour IMHO…

[/b]ahem… now… back in the real world. What do you guys think?:shrug:


muhahahahahaha :twisted: nice idea mate …strange behavier indeed :smiley:


I like it! It sounds like a pretty solid animation… could be really interesting. Work out an animatic and see if it fits before you commit to it. :thumbsup:


hey dady I love the way she smile. maybe her beauty is skin deep:) way behind that fat there is a nice person: Good job man more! more !


oooohhh…hard work with the rigg of the face!..but the expresions looks nice…:slight_smile: