Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rob Mack


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Latest Update: Final Render: The beauty of Delusion
Final Render: The beauty of Delusion

Software: 3ds max,Photoshop,ZBrush

This was a fun piece, it kinda evolved itself…

Basically the premise is that an extra large cross dressing man sees himself as sexy… Sexy to the point that when he looks in the mirror he sees a beautiful woman

The beuaty of delusion is that it is often the first step on the path to greatness… Unfortunately… Sometimes… Delusion is just delusion…

Delusion can help us to achieve things which we couldn’t without them. Sometimes it can help to think you are a little better than you actually are at something so that you can feel confident enough to really give it a go. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you delude yourself about something you’re just not good at it and seriously need some training…

This is a good lesson learned for me through this challenge, that my animation skills are only average and I want them to be excellent… Time for some hard work me thinks;)

Thanks a mountain to you all for the great support and comradery throughout!

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Ummm… resisted the challenge for about ummm 3 seconds!

What an absolutely awesome theme guys Thanks, I’ve got my new home for the next coupla months…

I look forward to this ALL!:buttrock:


I’m working on a concept at the moment of what a woman sees when she looks in the mirror… It could apply to this theme really well If i develop it further:curious:… I’ll give it a week to see if anything fresher pops up


sounds good…but could aslo be dangerous (unless female members 'round here are really forgiving…lol)

good luck


A thread to follow !
Nice to see you in Daddy !


Oh the fun and the excitement will be enormous i think! …have fun Daddy :slight_smile: .


Nice to see you around again!! wish you good luck!!


It’s gonna be a goodie DM, free range madness.

Steve 8)


Dadda 's here too !!

Have a lots of fun and best luck my friend !

cheers ,



yap, I hoped to see you here, greeeat that from a avery beginning :slight_smile:
good luck !


When I saw the theme - I just knew you would be in, oh you master of strange behaviour :wink:
Looking forward to play with you again, Robster.



u are here too :smiley:

that’s great :slight_smile:

Good luck my friend, and sure have fun :wink:

see ya


good luck and much fun

i’ll be keeping an eye out on your first sketches


Weeeeeeeeeeeee Dady! let’s have fun and rock this one!:bounce:

Crazy stuff is comming up this time :eek:

Good luck man


Hi guys… just a little leftover from the project I was already on… The idea was that a very sexy woman would be looking at herself in the mirror and seeing this well endowed mama.

If I run with this idea I’ll rework the whole project completely I plan to have an animated look from both sides of the mirror while they’re getting dressed… So big mama thinks she looks skinny and vice versa… I may even have a male come in and hug her from behind, looking into both mirrors as well… Will put on my best photorealism hat and really try to knock this one outta the park…

WHat do you guys think???


aaaaahahahahah , love that idea !!!


Wow! that’s a bit of a real mamma here:) yammy :bounce:

problem is that it’s not unusual behavior as all ladies do this in todays world :bounce: (kiddin’ :))


Nice thought…give it a bit more time though to grow in ya…:bounce:…


oh god damn fast ! Zb powaa !
The idea is great, just waiting to see how you place the POV and pose of the caracters.
:thumbsup: fast and furious start !


haha :slight_smile: kind of along the lines of my idea - well only in the fat person thing otherwise different :slight_smile: Looking forward to more!