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Latest Update: Modeling: concept 2


dear friends,



wouldn’t it be strange if the actual body of my letter be placed within this postscript? :surprised just like this challenge. :beer: i would like to share a few tips with all of you on how to come up with your own ideas, incase you’ve hit that cold brick wall or blank canvas known as the artist block… by no means is this the absolute only way, think of it more like just a little push down a steep hill to get things rolling… :thumbsup:

-think opposites
-(and like the challenge) think strange

obviously once you read these you’d think to yourself, well duh…
ok ok, maybe some examples would help… for starters, this letter on its own, strange how the body is within the postscript part eh…? but then again, it’s not an example you could use for this contest… ok so i’ll give you my entry example…

“death or the grim reaper, giving life”

simple. yet, straaaaaange… :surprised you can use this idea if you want, since from the past challenges that i’ve joined here on cgtalk, i realised that no matter how great or simple the idea is, how great or simple the models are, how great or simple the progress one person is having, it all comes down to the final end piece, if you can deliver something that the judges deem worthy… that’s all that matters… my contribution is… to start that little snowball in your head to roll down the hill of creativity… and into straaaange territory… :surprised wait! a snowball in your head? veeery straaange… :eek:

all kinds of possibilities can apply… and it doesn’t have to be a preexisting character or setting or scenario… that’s the ‘Spectacular’ part of this ‘Journey’, to ‘Flesh’ out ‘Grand’ ideas from ‘Alien’ territory!! but keep in mind, the reason why i used death, is simply for clarity… since it’s also key to deliver a clear message through an image or series of images…

something that can never happen, happen.
something we all know is impossible, possible.
a behavior that’s not supposed to be in certain situations.
someone happy, when everyone’s sad.
(again snowball effect, start simple… then add on later…:thumbsup:)

well i hope this would help you get started!
the possibilities are endless.
best of luck to all! :love:


since i can only upload one image in the milestones, i’ll be uploading the individual characters separately as replies… to stay close with following the rules, here is the original plate of all the concept sketches before i made individual fixes…


some signs of life… after a series of concepts of possible entries, i’ve finally narrowed it down to this… what is this? well, basically it’s going to be a series of creatures acting strangely… but! there is a surprise in the end, something which i hope i can keep secret until the final piece… hopefully, with all the luck in the world, i could actually get to that part where i actually finish… anyway, half the battle (i think) has been won… now the other half is basically letting myself steam thru the other half since i know how it all fits…

so here are the final characters you’ll soon be seeing from me…


removed images for the sake of your scroll fingers health… :wise:


so i made a yt acct… lol just to upload some tests…

testing its arms since it’s supposed to be floppy… body is also stretchy… i’ll be working on his animation next… hope i can keep this speed up…

test 1

test 2


mid jump soon to be paired with two others…


left side jump…

last one shouldn’t be so hard, i’ll see if i can steam thru that in a few hrs…


well here is the 1st of 8 in its near final phase… just need to wrap deform them to hi res meshes for rendering and add the materials…

took me 3 days for one concept… if i can keep this up i should be done in 3 and a half weeks… that is if im a robot… :sad: ah well, on to the 2nd concept…


took me longer than i expected… still needs some blendshapes for the head part… i’ll work on that tomorrow… my eyes are burning right now… o.O


rig test for concept 2…


added the blendshapes, and animated the first of three… just like the first concept, he’ll have two partners along for the ride… it’s not much, but im happy with how the rigging handles… :thumbsup:


here is the final for concept two… like the first concept, and all others later on, i’ll worry about the finer details such as textures and all that misc eye candy when im done with the whole animation part… for now, i just added some colors to make things visible…


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