Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rick Davidson


Hey thanks Gilles, yours is looking fantastic, you work fast :wink: nice

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Finalising basic modeling of the Victory. Detailing and textures to come.


Great work is all i can say… looking very promising, i can only dream of what the finished piece will be like… good luck!


nice work, good ideer and atmosphere.
good luck with your entry.


Cool design! Good luck!


Thank you guys - yes I can see the little world very clearly, getting it out is the trick huh? :wink: It’s great seeing the different paths everyone has taken.


great story and concept… good start on modeling:thumbsup:


Hey Max, cheers, long way to go :wink: Awesome portfolio you have, very nice


Adding detailing and textures


Exploring details and textures


Working textures for the ship, still plenty of detail and refinement needed :wink:


Great thing! It is like some Leonardo Da Vinchi invention, or some Hieronimus Bosch vision! Now when you added more volume and focus on ship with lightning, it is much clearer to observe! And i like very much the Mushroom people!

Keep the good work! :thumbsup:


Thanks Nenad :slight_smile: Yes, being set in the dark, light and texture is going to be very important here. wow that you picked Da Vinci and Bosch. Da Vinci has been a huge influence on my work, my favourite artist. And I have been inspired by Bosch also. Hopefully I can bring some of the richness of his work to this piece… without the demons…


Yea those two are great artists! I readed DaVinci lessons for painters, which are very painful to understand fully. Though he, as I think, did not influenced me in style like you perhaps, he gave me great insight with those lessons into mathematical and logical observation of the nature, and translating it into visual arts. His lessons about how things in nature reflects one another, shades, perspective, muscule logic… recomended also for digital artists!

I am wondering how will you animate the ship. It looks so delicate and with many tiny details, transparent also, which all looks that It shuld move at even mildest wind. Good animation in those small details could add to the realism of this fantasy greatly! Maybe some organic movement for a red bulb ?


Yes Da Vinci was a total genius huh? I love his inventions, flying machine, tank etc. That’s what inspired this ship.

You’re right, I imagine it being very flimsy, dangerous. Ropes swinging, pulling, things twisting and the main balloons billowing and rocking - thinking about light throbbing down the veins, being organic like you say. Also steam from the pipes. Also want the sheet across the top to billow. A lot to consider! Dynamics, dynamics… I’m doing tests on the ropes now, so that the balloons do move but stop when the ropes go tight. Hmmm, headache!

Really liking your work btw, great modeling and colour.


Just a work in progress of the ships rear end. Busy rigging the gears and pulleys at the moment.


so far so good,

definitely impressing concept, at least you have bloked them in,
Cool colours too, for me i would get some different cam positions to get good staging initials,
go ahead 41 days more.



Thanks Somu, yes getting nervous on time, so much I’d like to build. You’re right, camera angles would help. I’ve storyboarded and timed out a short, don’t want to spend much more time on details, can come back to that later. Time to start fleshing things out. Thanks for your note!


HI Trickz,
You have a really nice and detailed craft there! I like the shading and lighting you have done so far1 Those lamps look really nice, by the way!
Keep up the good work!