Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rick Davidson


Bad upload - delete :wink:


Sorry bad upload - delete :wink:


Software: Maya,Photoshop

And the final - with a few manic behind the scenes clips on the end.

Wow I can’t believe this is actually finished. This has been quite a journey. I haven’t had any experience putting something together of this length and complexity. I did a large amount of research, sourcing and shooting video and photography.

I knew time would be a factor and I decided to choose between a short quality animation or a story with a bit of detail. The instructions helped, saying the story and emotive impact was primary. So the storyline became the focus, and a lot of work! So apologies for the rough animation, I just didn’t have the time to fine tune.

I’ve learned a lot and it’s been great rubbing shoulders with the talented artists in this competition. Thanks to you all for your inspiration :slight_smile: Now I just want to take a break for a while :wink: Ok well maybe until the next challenge… Thanks again everyone.

The storyline

It could be the not too distant future. Man has wrecked the environment with nuclear war and toxic waste, and the land is barren and dead. Nothing seems to live, maybe even mankind has perished. But in this radioactive environment, new life is born. And it wants to explore…

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You have done such an amazing job Rick!!! I LOVE this animation very very much. Very compelling!!! Your concept, and overall design is noteworthy to say the least. You have a great piece here that can go MILES!!! I wish you all the best with the challenge and with everything in your life! :thumbsup:


Excellent ! you are a great artist Rick ! this is a great entry ! I like your style very much !


Thanks for your comments guys, means a lot. Just been great to hang with you talented peeps for a while.

Pepper - love your work too, I think we have similar tastes :slight_smile:

Hiun - Thanks heaps, I did have much higher hopes for this. I had a pet I couldnt use and the ship was meant to have a crew. Maybe one day. I am considering developing the whole world further and seeing where it goes. Their whole adventure is already mapped out in my mind. Can you imagine how huge and dangerous radioactive spiders would be? haha

Versiden - well what can I say, you set a high standard… *&$#@… haha congrats mate, awesome work, I’ll see you around.

Maxter - I was worried we were going to end up with the same name haha, we both had similar ideas huh? Your entry is great, awesome character and gear.

Been fun, but I haven’t slept much lately. Time for a nap. Good luck all.


Hey Rick, Congrats for finishing your great animation! Good luck!


Hey thanks Marco, just glad I made the deadline haha. Hey your illustration is fantastic!


Great job Trickz!
Your story is delivered very well, I love the idea of fungus people evolving after we have all gone. Strange detail with the smiliy on the Victory… :wink:
I know how you feel about having the whole movie in your head already and being a bit frustrated about only having one set of hands and so little time :slight_smile:
To say the least my entry is suffering from those problems, but, maybe one day…
And none the less what a great experience to push on for a while during a challenge like this, except the total lack of sleep :wink:
Good luck to you!


haha yes the smiley. I was thinking, if I was a creature collecting human junk in a sewer, what would be my most treasured find. A smiley badge! And of course I’d stick it on the front of my ship like a figurehead.

You are right, this was hard work. But it is great to say I achieved something like this, and learned so much. I love your piece - but I’ll let you know on yours :wink:


Excellent ! Congrats for finishing your great animation! Good luck!



i like this one. the part where he locks up his ship after putting the glowing rock in it is just excellent. the music really gives this film an epic feel, like that little guy is about to embark on something great. a sequel perhaps?
is there a higher resolution vid somewhere?


Wow Trickz, you managed to do it! Overal feeling is great! I loved especially the physics of the ship, how it moves and “lives”. The turtle is really cute! And about scale of work… so rich! One complaint: the making of is too fast :eek: . One must watch it in slow motion :slight_smile: . Bravo!


Very good final! Like the mood, cloring, animation and the characters!
Good luck now!


Hey Rick, thanks for your comments. I think it is a good detail to keep in later projects, strange was meant in the most positive way :slight_smile:
Great achievement indeed, one can only be proud to take such a huge step in realizing an idea. A distant dream becomes an immediate world ready to explore for a decade… haha, it takes time to develop these things!


Really appreciate your comments and crits guys thankyou :slight_smile:

Tibor - thank you, yours still makes me laugh haha nice work

r1-381 (casey) - thanks Casey, well my animating is a little rough but I really had to hammer it out at the end. I’m thinking of finishing this to the standard I had in mind, and at a higher resolution, but a break for a bit :wink: I want to try out Vue after seeing the amazing results Infoarq achieved! And yes I think there will be a sequel. I have a few models I never used and there is a second part to the story.

Npantic - Yes we made it huh! It wasnt looking good there for a while! Thanks for your support friend. The dynamics were a nightmare and took most of my time. My main regret is not being able to show how the ship functioned. Pulling the throttle actually started the thing up, the gears kick in which drive the props, the steam blows and the whole thing shakes. Turning the steering wheel drives the rudders. It was a thrill to see it running, I’m self taught so it was quite a learning experience. Haha yes the making of is fast I know, each section was one nights work compressed into 20 seconds. I just wasnt sure people would be all that interested :wink:

Coolconrad - Haha I love your piece Peter, who isn’t a Star Wars fan here huh? …even after the last three movies… :wink: Thanks for your comments, you must have a great shot, congrats and good luck

Dubbilan - yes you’re right, hey Lord of the Rings was years in the development huh? haha, it’s great to have a base to build on.

Thanks again guys, its great to mix with people with your talent.


Hi guys, I put together a little piece for my blog, collected some of my workings. The video is a biggish file so fingers crossed. If you’d like to take a look…

Hmm I wonder what the next challenge will be… And I swore off doing another one for a while. What short memories we have :wink: I hope youve all had a well earned break.


i couldn’t get that video to play for some reason. it said, “file not found”…i did, however check out your showreel and stuff. nice work…looks like you have a great job that allows you to do a lot of 3d work.


Hmm sorry Casey, all fixed, thanks for the heads up! Thanks for the comments :slight_smile: Actually most of the work on the reel is personal. Did my first TVC a few months back which was great but I still cringe, plenty of learning to do yet haha

Hmm my main problem is building a good rig to work with… do people really build their own everytime haha. I’ve been using the Setup Machine but it doesnt seem perfect. Could be my bad setup tho. Suggestions welcome :wink:


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