Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rick Davidson


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Latest Update: Final Render: Flight of the Victory


Well I’m starting in late here, and my concept needs a fair amount of work but this is an idea that’s been brewing with me for a while. May only complete a small portion of it, but a great way to get the motivation to make it happen. Here’s a quick exploratory sketch of a craft in the piece - built by toxic fungus… of course…


A quick fire colour/texture study


Hey great sketches sofar! really like em! so creative, :wink:
Btw I can’t undrestand truly what’s strange but like ur style anyway n will look on it, But as for time limit I think you have fairly enough time to complete it really! it’s still around 3 mounths left so start workin with keeping this goal in mind that you have to Finish it on time man! I’m sure you can if you want! it’s 3 MoUnThS! remember! :wink:



Hey nice concept, be good to some scale ref next to the craft so we can get an idea of size. Good luck champ. Keep it rockin in hamiltron


Hey nice to see a fellow kiwi! Good point Jhonus, I’ll work scale into the next piece, obviously a small thing built with spider web and matchsticks, that sort of thing.

Thanks for the motivation Mim, you’re right, have to make it happen, plenty of time. Need a timeline, where’s that calendar… I thought mushrooms building a flying machine was pretty strange haha. I’ll put a storyline up shortly. Like the look of yours by the way. Good luck!


First initial explorations of character styles - based very loosely on mushrooms and general fungus


ur concept is boiling with creativity and wonder! :eek: :love: the best thing is the way u used nature itself to create characters from another world! awesome man! good luck to u! :thumbsup:


WHoah!.. This is already going places in my mind… looking forward to seeing what happens in here


Wow!.. what a great concept! Really nice sketch drawing!


Just a break down of the story that’s been developing - setting the scene


General texture and environment inspiration for the new world


Hey thanks guys, your messages are a real boost. Daunting job, will keep plugging away.

What a great forum, good luck to everyone involved.


What a flying start! I like your sketches and concept a lot - good luck for continuing as splendid as you’ve started it.


Thanks Gunilla, been following yours too, looking great! :thumbsup: Keep it coming


ahh cool, mushroom ship, fungus people its all fantastic :slight_smile: great concept should be interesting.


First up concept model for one of the ‘Fungie’ - ZBrushed. What a great program.


it’s very funy:thumbsup:


The early stages of The Victory’s design work. I’m thinking bigger balloons if it’s gonna get off the ground… :wink:


So nice, concept, color, modeling and the beginning of the Fungie.
Keep the good work Rick !