Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Ran Sieradzki


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Latest Update: Shading (Textured and lit): Rig test


First quick idea…
A vampire that is afraid of the dark basicaly…

The synopsis is -

Dark room, with one standing bolb.
The bolb seems to show electricity failure and turns off.

A vampire with an attached light on his head comes into the room through the window, when he understands his room is not lit he goes crazy, full of fear he jumps to the switch and turns ALL the lights on (few big spot lights that emulate day light indoor), now our vampire is relaxed… phew…

He reaches the couch and the light that caused the electicity failure blows up and few parts of the glass fall down, the vampire is freaking out, picks up a candle (even though the room is completely lit) and lights a candle, really relaxed he sits down on the couch.

OUCH, one of the glasses from the bolb scratches him on the finger and his hypochondriac feelings rise up, he is starting to lose color and cant look at his “bleeding” finger, he raises up to the medicine cabin with the mirrored doors.

There is no reflection of him but he thinks there is, he stares at the mirror door and he is disapointed from what he sees, so pale… he opens the door and instead of medicine, there are alot of garlic there.

He picks up a garlic tooth and swallows it.

Goes to “bed” (coffin)


The light failure starts killing all lights indoor, while we hear him suffering from fear inside the coffin.



click sound from inside coffin, small light within is on…



Nice and cute Concept. I got variant before i’d choosen the one i run now. It’s a vampire allergic to blood. hehe!

So yours is more poetic .
Great concept.




thnx DaVee, cant wait to see your progress!
I do have a question though, just to get it straight, this category we are in, does it have to be an individual project or can I get help from 2 cgtalk members to help me finish (help in rendering/design)?

I will do the character modeling, rigging and animation.

Hope you can help me figure this out.



First rough story board…


Great concept, storywise your entry just can’t go wrong anymore :thumbsup:

following thisone :slight_smile:


Great story line. I like it. Good luck!


awesome story line :smiley: would love to see this finished :slight_smile: hehe its funny a vampire freaking out just seen blood n who loves light hope he does not get to see another vampire sucking blood he might go unconsiouse, good luck there


Hey ppl,

Thank you so much INIX, Aurora, Joblh, I will keep sending and uploading updates as they come.
This is the first challenge and its awesome, because after you have a story built in your head u send a concept, synopsis… then rough storyboard and slowly you have everything arranged in a forum thread, your story is starting to build up, awesome way to really do it, hehehe, had to share my excitement with you all :smiley:

Again, thnx ppl!!!



First rough sketch of the vampire.
Trying to avoid cute look that will give away his behaviour…


Tests and proportion test and some head shapes…


Hey Ran, I like the first body and the second head shape. :slight_smile: Coming along nicely, keep it up!


Vampire room design,
Not final but at least the atmosphere is there, isnt it?

Hope it is…


Wow, looks promising.

I will totaly watch this one, everything looks really appealing.


First model of the room…


First model of the room…


Great looking room model! I like the style you work in!


Quoted for agreement - really nice style and modeling :thumbsup:


I agree as well :), I just love the style of the room, very nice!
The story seems pretty big though. Three rooms and all that animation to do! You’re one brave fellow, good luck :slight_smile:


I totaly agree!!!