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just a quick sketch of what i have in mind. i was thinking of the idea of a strange abduction wherein the opposite of what we use to read and see is happening. i picture a human being as the abductor and the alien as the abductee. still a very rough concept though! i haven’t seen all the entries yet so i’m not sure if this concept has already been submitted by another one.


Great idea, good luck in the contest! :thumbsup:


Your idea sounds alot better than mine! Keep at it, I’d love to see how it turns out.


Very nice entry there bud. Can’t wait for the character studies and 3d models. This is definitely going to be funny.



just a quick sketch of my girl character. still undecided about her age though, whether i’ll make her a baby of about 3 yrs old or someone around 7 yrs old, i still have to think first if i’m gonna push through with this abduction idea.

by the way, thanks to all of you who shared some comments on my work!!! goodluck to all of us!



here’s a study of the alien with and without its helmet


deleted this post coz of double entry


here’s an update on my modeling. still needs alot of work to put into. i would like to make the little girl look cute and adorable on the outside but nasty on the inside.


Nice model, did you use Zbrush?:slight_smile:


alvin-cgi…tnx! yup i’m using Z3.


Very nice model Chocoski. I know your not finished yet but this is really looking great. Looking forward for more.



This little girl is reaaly cute.Keep on going.


its been a while since my last post. would like to say thanks to humadapnon and zethriel. i had time to come up with another concept coz i was not yet satisfied with my first one but i’m not sure if somebody else has thought of it. anyway here it is, my concept revolves on the idea of curiosity-electricity-stupidity…there’s these two visitors from another planet and they are so amazed about the new finds they have been tinkering around inside a house until they accidentally come across electricity. would like to show some funny animation between the two and the result of their stupidity.


hahah nice aliens! I hope they get shocked >;)

Looks like your idea is coming along nicely, good job!


nice concept

altough the last verion of the aliens look much more funny, i kind of like the first design. I find it proportionally better.
curious to see more.



haha… When I first saw the two aliens near the outlet, I thought of how funny it would be if they looked more like the ‘face in the outlet’ and thought the outlet was a new friend! Keep it up and good luck!




been a long time since my last post.
would like to share with you my progress. here’s one of the alien characters i 'm working on.


great looking models u got there already here mate… good job so far… although i think the lip of the alien character needs more attention… other then that it looks gr8 :thumbsup:


it’s been a while since i posted here. was so busy with work and other stuffs lately.
i’m not even sure if i can meet the deadline on time. how i wish there’d be another week for overtime but that’s just wishful thinking. anyway, i’ve done a few shots already and might as well give it a push till time runs out on me…here are my wips…