Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Rafi B.A


two birds with one stone on this project, finish an old work from the wall and a character for a band. nice low-poly model so far are you going to do a high rez in mudbox or zbrush for the final piece?


Thanks Kid-Mesh. I checked out Timothy Albee’s stuff, i never heard of him before, thanks for the reference :slight_smile: the concept is pretty close, but the style is gonna be very different.

lemasterjg - The character for the band that i menssioned is not this one. This is totally for my own satisfaction.
Yeah, I’m gonna go into Zbrush with this. Thank you!


It also may be quite different style but check out my childhood helo too, Tigar Mask!


Actually that’s exactly the style i’m going for :wink:
Thanks for sharing that.


I didn’t upload any thing in the past week, Been a bit busy with other stuff.
One of them is looking at some Zbrush3 tutorials, and improving my knowladge about it, and it’s getting me exctied to get to that stage.

Meen while, i’m up-res’ing the model I’ve worked on and I’ll post an update soon.


Here’s an update of the model after i made it higher res. i chose to keep it unsmoothed for now, cuz it rounds stuff up, and it’s not really the look i’m going for. I’ll take to Zbrush from here to get the detail going.


started Zbrushing the character.
comments are surely welcome…


This is coming along great!


Lovely Design. "Sure the final step will look greats!!!


Great style! Your character looks very good!



Very nice I love the style,.- Sharp, clean, clear and very cool :thumbsup:


Great job on remaining the style after ‘z-brushing’. Definitely a :cool: guy.


great idea man! :thumbsup:

and it reminds me a song for Rocky movies, “The Eye of the Tiger” or something like that :scream:
well, you know what i’m speaking about :buttrock:


Thats just beautiful work, Ill be watching this thread…


thanks for the replies!

I’ve been “off” the project for a few weeks due to starting a new job, and not finding the time.
But i really wanna get this done so i’ll start updating again soon. promise :smiley:


thats very good i love it


I like your tiger character, I’m waiting for it’s music clip, it will be gr8


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