Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Pfeiffer Gilles


Ha hahaha ! I should triple post this too: That chicken is great… In more than one way!
I didn’t have the chance to see many of the animation entries but yours catches the eye big time!
I loved your cammera work! makes the whole scene a little creepy. A werechicken sighting on youtube! thank god it is very crispy and detailed, not like those bigfoot videos…
I didn’t know many aspects of the precess and your making-of was very instructive, I enjoyed it a lot!
Thanks and good luck!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


lool, oh my…, these french neighbours are crazy!..and I like that:D

Well and well-done!! I wish you good luck, one of the coolest images here,haha.

see ya,


hilarious work
i think i am now afraid to eat chicken ; 0

 Thanks Fernando ! I will be happy toshare some cool "aperitif" time with you guy ! Tequila and beer ! Cheers to you too !
Cheers again !

Cheers again, now I’m drunk…

Thanks Gabriel ! I touched me in the heart coming from such an artist like you !

Thanks Gonzalo ! Spanish guy are crazy too !

Thanks Bill ! I decided myself to stop eating chicken too. We are not sure what kind of cereals they eat ! My chicken surely didn’t eat any seeds but EPO or testosteron…


great job Pfeiffer! was great to be in the challenge with u. Your entry is rocking man!


Looks great mate, very classy and atmospheric. Been a pleasure, see you around :slight_smile:


Finally I saw it. This is classy Gilles. Very psycho atmosphere and that “piu piu” sound, poor mother chicken shocked out… It is so cool to see people around developing many styles and your real camera tracking is just a must for this shot. Great! Good luck with judging and overall! Cya :thumbsup:


hahaha love it! Well done mate best of luck


Excellent finish. This thread was amazing to watch right from the start. That’s one wild chicken - I love it!


Waaahahaaahaa! That’s one strange chicken! wonderful work- Congratulations Pfeiffer! Best of luck!

 Thanks Martin ! I was happy to do this challenge with you too, again ! 
Thanks Rick ! It was a pleasure too ! See you soon mate !

Thanks Juraj ! I wish you the bast with your cool entry too ! In my opinion, you have the most unique style I have ever seen in this challenge, like in Journey begins !

Thanks Kenneth !

Thanks Mark ! You were a great support during this challenge ! See you soon my friend ! :wink:

Thanks Kei ! I’m glad that you like it. It is a real pleasure to hear this words coming from such a talented artist like you !


It’s so cool


It’s so cool


It seems that you doubleposted ! :wink:


Hey Gilles, just a quick thanks for posting on my site, great to have you there :slight_smile: Hope we can keep in touch.

And I caught your post on the Teams entry, I’m a little dissapointed too, I feel like we’re suddenly up against some great, tho incomplete Teams entries which we can’t hope to compete against. There is also Antipode’s entry which I think is fantastic but was also produced by a group. Like you said, in the rules it says …

Individual team members must submit their work on their own in the Animation or Illustration categories if they wish to be considered…

… but no individuals put in entries… The entire team’s work will be judged. It also says you have to submit a final and ‘No late entries will be accepted’. There are no ‘Finals’ as stated in the rules. These entries are great, even unfinished. But the posts have been moved huh? :frowning:


Yep, you are right. I hope that the judges understand that individuals can’t do what a team can do !
See you around Rick !


man this is weird!!!

hahahahha, great execution. best of luck!


Thanks Jeff ! Weird ? Your entry is weird, man ! :wink:


Hey everyone !
No idea when the results will be announced ?


HI Pfeiffer:

we are the winner too ( i think) because i win some friends who like to share their imagination and words…

It´s an honnor for me friend…

and every time when i come to MCdonals… when my son take Mcnuggets… I THINK IN YOUR CHARACTER… hahahahaha. (It´s true, belive me)