Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Pfeiffer Gilles


Looks great! Does it move? If so how do i view the movie?

Good luck!


just click where “play the movie” is written of the final post…


congrats on a great final, i realy enjoyed the thread and the little how to’s along the way. Good luck.


Ah yes I got it now!

hahaha, dude that is hilarious. Very funny. I enjoyed the making of video too. Well done and good luck!!!


very funny, I like it.
Now that they raised the deadline, will you put some closeup on the hen into the animation?


Ilike it a lot.
Nice rendering as well.
The presentation of the “making of” is dynamic and I love the music (can you mp me the title pliiiz?)
Good and hard work Gilles. “Chapeau” ( “Hat” ) huhu.



Thanks Steven !

Glad to know that you like it ! Thanks Kenneth !

Thanks Anna ! You are right, maybe I can add a close up to the hen and to the chicken…

Thanks Michel

The music is a song from Riverside. It is called Loose heart in Out of myself LP…


Congrats on the finished shot man!
Nice rendering and camera!
Definetly one of the strongest in this challenge! Good luck on the judging and
yeah a closeup would be nice :wink:



Thanks Goro !
I have 2 more weeks, I am working on a close up of the hen, animated of course and I work to have a better light on the characters.
I think the final final video will be better.
Thanks for these great words, Coming from you, one of my favourite artists, it is a great pleasure !


Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray,Photoshop,Vue,ZBrush

I just did few tweaks. Nothing amazing, just redo the render of the characters…

Play Video >>


dude …


[left]i think that says it all!


GREAT!!! Amazing animation! Poor mom! This kid starts making suffer her since his born! Congratulations my friend! And thank you for thanking me in the final credits! Good luck!


Bravo it’s really cool and fun and you have finished it :wink:


Hey great finish man!!.. its really nice to see your crazy chicken finally fiinished… all the best buddy!..


yeah great dude! finished!

nice last touches, also liked to see all progress stages again in the making of… clean summary of all your work…

fantastic, piou! :slight_smile:


GREAT JOB MAN! I loved the making of video and the music was cool too! :slight_smile:

The animation was simple, yes, but it brought your characters to life and put the finishing touches on this project!

I bet your relieved to be done…

 Thnaks Neville ! YOU are my master ! ;)
Thanks Marco ! you welcome !

Thanks Nico. Yeah, I did it, another challenge finished. I hope the next one will be finished with a better entry…

Thanks Zubuyer ! I can’t wait to see your final, I think it will be amazing ! Cheers to you my friend !

Thnaks Patrick. I think the making of is the best part of the video…:blush:

Thanks Jesse ! I glad you like it, see you soon guy !


Hey Gilles, … wooooooww… simply awesome mate!! Really great and funny concept, and the animation is superb. I love the “little chicken” design :smiley: amazing. The whole atmosphere on the animation is really great, and de “piu, piu” sound puts a cool touch hahahaha I love it!!. For sure a lot of incredible work on this concept!!

Congratulations Gilles for this awesome animation and good luck mate!! And now is time for cold beers with some shots of tequila !! Cheers! :beer:


sorry , double post


sorry, triple post … ? :shrug: