Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Pfeiffer Gilles


Hi Gilles! Congratulations! There is so much exertion. Great to see it’s finish. Bravo! Cheers!


Yeeeha! That’s gonna be cool! Henster is an awesome character! When I see, I hear a movie trailer’s dark voice… “Those times… no hope…no way out…A new messiah born…to collect all desperated eggs and chickens to rule the world…it was called…Henster…and the henishment begun”

Ok, enough of kidding. GOGOGO :buttrock:


Very great. I look forward to the final video.


HA HA this came out totally weird :slight_smile:
Love it! Good luck now!


Haha thats enough to give me nightmares :wink: Nice work, all the hard work paid off


no words…

I can´t say anything…

I hope final animation…



A short moment of pleasure (not for the hen…)… congrats Gilles…

…j’me suis encore pêté une côte en rigolant :buttrock: t’as bien mérité une tite binouse :beer:

  Thanks Y !
 Thanks Mark ! excellent trailer ! It could be funny ! I will see if I can do a movie with that !;)
Thanks Jürgen !

Thanks Peter, you are right, it is weird, a lot !

Thanks Rick ! I hope you won’t have nightmares for too long !

Thanks again Tomas, you were a great support and inspiration and you gave me the will to go far with VUE ! see you soon my friend !

Thanks Laurent, my friend ! You are right, it is short ! I would have liked to do more but 24 hour a day is bit short when you start a new job and when customers take all your time ! I hope to have the opportunity to participate to another challenge very soon with more time ! Anyway, you were and you are a great support for me, thanks again !

La binouse c’est quand tu veux mon pote !


Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray,Photoshop,Vue,ZBrush

So girls and guys, here is my the grand final !
I put a making of at the bottom of my animation.
The music is from Riverside-Out of myself-Loose Heart.

Just few things about this animation:

First , why did I choose this character ?
There is a joke that I use to know when I was a teenager. It was this:

What is the cry of a 300 pounds chicken ?
The answer is:


So it is ridiculous ! But I decided to do it in 3D, a huge Chick ! But when I started to think about it, I told myself that the mother must suffer a lot to lay the egg of this monster. Is the mother of the 300 pounds chicken 1000 pounds or is she a normal hen ? So I decided that she will be normal with an anormal child…
Another idea was to make an animation of a werechicken. At full moon, the hen is laying and the chicken get bigger and bigger ! A cool animation with animated displacement could be done ! Maybe I will try this the next time !
So U understood that the idea of this animation was only a bad joke.

But there is a story behind this picture and animation:


In a very beautiful farm in the french alps, some terrible thing happened. A poor hen bringed to life a huge chicken at full moon. WE call him the Werechicken ! As you can imagine the poor chicken was hard to lay and his mother died during this horrible part of her little existence…
In the morning the chicken woke up and was looking for his mother. He called her name:

-Piou piou ! Piou piou ! Piou piou ?

No answer…

He was very sad, and alone…
You can imagine how long it took to him to understand what happened…
I think he still haven’t realized.
And somewhere in the french Alps, A huge chicken pecks seeds with his mother still over his head…

What a strange behavior…

Play Video >>


Haha!!!MAdness!!!Love it!Knew the same joke in my childhood,haha!And you brought it on screen amazingly well!Ronflll!
Great story also!Hope I’ll bumb on that chicken this winter!Congratz on a great finish and very best of luck to you man!Cheers!


Nice one, good details explanation.:thumbsup: by the way, the Piou piou vioce really funny, love it.:slight_smile:


Thanks Remko and Alvin !
I heard 17 days left ?
Cool to hear this even if I don’t know if I can push higher my composition. Maybe adding some particles…


Really nice !!! And great making-of !
If there’s 17 days left, maybe you can render again the animation part where the characters shadows are a little bit too dark. And it’s a good idea about the particles to make sand or dust on the ground.

anyway, congratulations you’ve done a really good work and adding the gpepper’s touch ! It’s precious. :buttrock:
You have finished it ! :thumbsup:

then see U for the next one. maybe. (If i manage to start this one :rolleyes: )


Heyyah! Good to see all the things in place! Nice workflow, I like the way you used the strength of different softwares. That making of is so inspiring! Simply: Congratulations, great-great job :thumbsup:


Wonderful, Gilles dear :slight_smile:

That is such a freaky shot - and the story also makes it really sad… poor Rambo, can’t find his mom.
I love the making of too, it’s some really nice tricks in your workflow. I’m sure a lot of us will benefit from it.

Congrats for the splendid finish :thumbsup:


Thanks Nico ! I will see if I have time to work on it again !
I hope to see you joining us next time !

Thanks Mark !

Thanks Gunie Dear ! :wink: I hope my way to work would have helped some of the beginners.


Although i did’nt post much in this thread, i was watching your progress.

It was great concept from the begining, and it become great finished piece. :scream:
Thank you for amaizing work and very intersting and helpful workflow. :thumbsup:

Congrats and good luck with voting.


Thanks for the story… it’s the cherry on the cake…

I must agree with Tit-Co… if you have time… a little, that would be interesting to have the shadows “débouchées”…
…et + si affinités :scream: (voir suggestion dans l’Echoppe)


Thanks Dimitri !

De nada hombre !
You are right, maybe I will put another scene or some effects…
Let’s see if I have the time to do this…


Hi gilles. Congrats for this piece. I like the subtility of the camera move.