Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Pfeiffer Gilles


Ok, cool, I was afraid to know that I was the only one to see this video ! A sort of twilight zone feeling…
Thanks Mark, I have to say that this camtracking gives a lot to the scene…

You welcome !
The render is finished but I don’t know if I will let you all see it before the final animation. I also have a bad sss effect with the hen at the end of the animation. Nothing really important but the poor hen is very transluscent !

Thanks Zubuyer, don’t know if the animation is really good, I just know that I really screw up things in modeling to have a great rig and so, a great animation. I will do this better the next time !

Thanks Tomas !

“In special mon…” What did you mean ?


Software: Maya,mental ray,Photoshop,ZBrush

Here is the render of the Werechicken. I have to tweak somethings again. The shadows are too dark and the Hen is too transluscent…

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After those tweaks it will be amazing! :bounce: YEEEAH! What a dark mood it has. That voice kills for sure. Is it your voice? LOL :applause:


Thanks Mark. Yeah, I keep this old render in case of I would not manage to render it again in time. The environment is in render now but it takes too long ! 5 minutes per image ! The characters render in 3 minutes… I have 236 frames to render ! so approximatively 20 hours of render for the environment and 12 for the characters !

Yes the voice is mine !


AAAhhhrghh - someone please help me up from the floor! Thanks Gilles, that definitely made my day… he looks awesome and that voice is absolutely horrifying. Rambochick!

Dang, you’re doing great here :thumbsup:


hahaaaha that is … no words.

You want us to “die” from laugh? :scream: If it is so, than i don’t mind. :wink:

Amazing work !


I agree with Gunie… the RamboVoice is perfectly adapted… I’m laughing in the silence of the night ! géniaaaaaaaaaaaaaal… vite le calcul :thumbsup:


the hen up there is cool


lol… that sound is just funny man!

it’s awesome… can’t wait for the final comp

Hey Gunie ! I'm glad to know that it made you laugh all the day ! Thanks for you nice words dear !

Sorry guy ! This is not what I want ! :wink:

Thanks Laurent !

Thanks Anna !

Thanks Martin, I’m glad you like it. The level of my animation is no as high as yours, you will give us an amazing entry in the end ! Cheers my friend !


I give you the composition before doing any post treatment and without the final render of the characters. A sort of gift waiting for the final ! I hope to have time doing a little making of after the animtion and doing a biggest render for the still image. See you very soon, all !

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That already give a good feeling… the final compositing promise to be great… I just hope the hen will be a little more visible…
I’m really speachless be the originality…
When you start with this idea, I couldn’t image a result like that… je suis fan… braov mec…

…quelle classe !


awesome work!

I love the handheld camera feel to it…

goodluck, almost thr!


Agree with Lemog! Chicken a bit more visible. Maybe a mask on her. Color correction in post. Right now the color is too similar (and dark) to the “henster” :slight_smile: but it’s just an issue. Scary hell cool stuff. Impressing update! :bowdown:


simply one of the bests…



Thanks Laurent, Martin, Mark and Tomas ! Having such cool comments from you, who I consider as Huge artists, give me a trus good feeling, right in the heart !
I can’t do better with the Hen, she is cut a little by the placement of the chicken. I don’t have enough time to recalculate with a new position, it takes too long but the final render of the characters is more lighted, you will see the final tomorrow.
I’m just waiting for the render to finish and then I could start the post effects.
As I told you early in the day, I hope to put a little Making of at the end of the animation.
See U soon guys and thanks again for the visit !


Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray,Vue,ZBrush

Ok, before doing the intro (txt) and maybe the final making of, here is almost the final…

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what can I say?.. This is a totally bizarre piece G!

cracks me up every time


You are right, it can seem strange…


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Maya,mental ray,Photoshop,Vue,ZBrush

I did a special Still, here it is. I still have to work again on the video but I give you a new one…

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