Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Pfeiffer Gilles


Thanks Rob ! Please stay cool, I don’t think that it will be so nice…

Thanks Tomas. You are right, Vue is very slow in render when you have huge scene !

You gave me some cool comments Alexandra, thanks. You are right many things have to be tweaked again. I will see if I have enough time !


I start and animate him...
Not my business, really... I'm too bad !

The file is a divx, click on the picture to see the animation…


keep rocking amigo :thumbsup: …till the final whistle no surender


Weee!.. Great to see this boy of yours start to come to life… This will no doubt turn out to be a very strange entry indeed:buttrock:


Here is the first part of the animation, blend shapes are finished, just animation of the chest for the moment. Let’s animate the legs and arms. Then the hen…
I think the camera animation gives a lot to the scene. Thanks 3D tracking !

Divx file again, click on the picture to see the animation…


Mort de rire !
Je reconnais bien là ton humour caustique ! ça pique et j’adore ça !

Really good caustic humor touch ! Keep working. The end is very soon … good luck !


Merci et encore tu n’as pas vu la version avec la poule morte dessus… ça vient bientôt !

Thanks Nico but you haven’t seen the version with the dead hen on the top ! Coming next !


Don’t know exactly if the Stange Behaviour is more about the hen or about you Gilles :scream:

…your too much :thumbsup:

çà pour piquer… j’ai les yeux qui piquent :scream:


:applause: huhu On sent le gros budjet pour le son ! ^^
C’est carrement pas mal mec ! Faudrait ptete que tu fasse bouger les jambes et les pattes, légèrement.
vite vite la suite ^^

Yeah it’s great. I think you should move the legs, a few.
Next next !!


The animation is going to be finished very soon. I am giving you the last test with the hen !


Thanks Laurent, I have to say that most of my troubles are here, in this challenge…

T’as raison ! c’te loose !
Je fais que ça bouger les jambes, je stresse de pas finir !


oh la vache ! oh my G. ! RIP poor mummy Hen !
teased for the final render !


Super l’anim… ptete un peu saccadé une paire de fois, ex. au début, un mouvement un peu sec de l’aile droite entre autre… mais ça devrait le faire :thumbsup:


I think I have finished with the animation. I could do better but some of my choices in rigging stop me to have nice and easy way to animate ! I take to mech time on modeling and rendering without thinking about animation ! Too late. So here it is. I hope the coll camera move will hide the fact that I am a zero in animation…

Yes, sorry, I have to say, get the children out of the room, she is probably dead…

T’as raison, comme je le disais, je ne suis pas trop un animateur ! En plus de ça j’ai fait le con lors de la modélisation, au niveau des jambes et des bras c’était carément impossible à rigger ! Enfin ,je ne vais pas faire mon français et trouver des excuses bidons, je suis mauvais en anim, voilà tout.
Merci du soutien mon pote !


When i try to view your video it reads as code due to the direct link of the divx file.
Try adding a divx player in the webpage.

Looks good though.


Does it ? Strange, I can download the video without any problem. I will see what I could do to get it easier…
Thanks Richard.


It was also working for me too! Started download right in the moment :slight_smile:

And they’re cool WIPs. Camtracking is superb over there! :thumbsup:


hahaaaaahhh he looks and sound psycho… thanks for the early morning laugh G! Can’t wait to see this rendered


haha awesome!!.. love this freako chicken’s expression… priceless!!.. and gr8 job on the animation too!!.. lets render this sucker!!:scream::thumbsup::deal::buttrock::applause:


hahaha it´s great…

in special mon…