Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Pfeiffer Gilles


simple great!!

i love this style… bend meshes and a fantastic quality render…

an textures too


simply great!!

i love this style… bend meshes and a fantastic quality render…

an textures too


Hey Teacher !!
It’s cool, very cool !
I like that !

I hope you’ll finish this challenge.

See Ya !

PS: Ma parole c’est dur l’anglais … ^^


Thanks Thomas !

Thanks James !
I don’t have so much things to do to finish this one ! The characters are finished, the house too. I am working on the background for the moment.
Vue is going to help me a bit…


I started to work with VUE. I needed a HDR sky. I created an atmosphere and then render it in panorama. Here it is ! So easy !


so here it is, included in the render…


Good work with the render… I like it!:thumbsup:


I like it, will be idylic, with some feel of unease …! If I were you I would saturate colours more, but this colours will better fit colours of your models. You are obedient to overall style, thats great!


You are right…
VUE can help you… and make increible backgrounds!! (i used too in all scenes… background, anim,…)


Here si the first background generated with VUE ecosystem. Should be on the left side…


Here is the other part of the background, should be on the right side…


Thanks Fabio !

You are right, it is incredible ! I just a rookie with it but I think that I’m going to use it more !


Here is the compositing of the environment.
5 layers:
the sky, the forest, the house, the zdepth and an occlusion pass…


i love it. this is the second project where i’ve read about vue being used. how do you use it? i really want to try it out. does it import into maya or do you have to try and match it up in post?

anyway…nice work. the scene looks great. can’t wait to see that big bird moving around in it.


Well I have to say that for the moment I just use it in post. My renders are mapped on a plane…
I tried to use the xstream plugin but I didn’t manage to do what I want !
But many things are possible, like importing camera tracking data, very useful to do some cool visual effects !
I have to say that I it very fun to use it and not so hard to understand, in the beginning…


Here are the several layers…


Ok now you’re just showing off:P

Nice work G! makes me excited to see the anim…


YEAAAAAAW!! great render… and anim look too.

composing layer are a good idea… because if you use a big ecosystem with radiosity problably you need a bit extra time of render per frame… and we need these time in this competition… hahaha


Wow, that’s looking great!
I like the way you distribute the depth of field, keeping focus where it’s needed! :thumbsup:
Just a little bitty comment… Some of the lines are looking too strait and clean, like the front panels of the roof and the middle support pole of the house. What about deforming them just a bit, adding some irregularity? And another hing is the shadows behind the house and beside that foreground thing (I guess it’s for feeding chickens), don’t you think they look a bit too dark?
Just some thoughts, feel free to ignore :slight_smile:
Looking forward for final animation!


Here is a quick integration. I have many things to tweak but I don’t know if I will have the time. First things, I can’t render everything in the same render ! I thought I would have this problem. So every thing is separated. The bad thing is that I don’t have so much time to rerender and recompose. It is possible that the final animation will not be as good as I wanted !