Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Pfeiffer Gilles


Thanks Antone !

Thanks Rick, I am pleased to know that you like it !

Thanks Mark ! I still have many work to do to finish it but I think, when the house and the camera move will be finished, I could put all together in some animation render test…


I did some tests to find a cool camera move. So I decided to track a real shot and bring the 3D tracking in Maya.
Here is the first test:
Click here to see the test


Cool progress !
may be too bright texturing on the house. I’ll see it more dirty or with more ground spatters or something else. So the roof texture is a little bit lowres or too smoothed.
But it depends on the camera moves you want to do. May be it’ll be good.
I know there’s not much time left, so good luck to finish ! And you’ll finish that !! :wink:

(your link doesn’t work)


I don’t know, this is sure that the roof is not so good, I will see if I have time to fix this. Many parts of the texturing were done quickly so it could be better…
I have to stay concentrated on on thig, the animation of this camera and then the chicken…
I will fix the texturing and the other elements which will take part of the scene very soon !

My link is just in update… The upload takes too much time that it really needs !


I did a render this night with the camera move. I think I will test anotehr move cause this one shakes too much…


Hey! The link doesn’t work… lovely texture for the hen house, and the soft glow looks like a good set for the animation.
Can’t wait to see the updated camera test :slight_smile:


cool idea to use real camera movement. is that hard to learn? i’ve been interested in trying that sort of thing but have no idea where to begin.

nice “hen house” by the way.


Sorry, I saw yesterday that it didn’t work but the server was down… It is fixed !

Thanks ! No it is not so hard to learn. I use Icarus which is a free softare because it is not for commercial use. This is the old “PFtrack”. You can download it and some video tutorials here.


Got it now! Yes, looks promising - I like the natural style for the camera. Just a little less shaky and it will be fine :thumbsup:


Oh maman le gros poulet! :scream:

Exellent, all is exellent. And I love your last render of the house.
Verry nice work so far :thumbsup:

Good luck in the last steps.


The camera shake much… but it’s certainly a bit disturbing because all was not in the scene… If we could imagine better we walk, that will be perfect… :thumbsup:


Thanks Gunie, I’m trying to fix it !

Thanks Maciej !

The probleme is that I didn’t use the same camera angle so I did some translation and scale of the group and it increase the camera shaking.I’m doing some new tests. Few shots later !


the render looks great but i have to agree that the camera motion is too erratic… great work


here is another test…


Still modeling and putting things in the scene…


here is the texturing of the feeding dish.


I started to model the tree, In ZB for sure…


here is the tree with texture and final modeling. Let’s export it to maya !


I tested to do a render with weeds on the roof…
It seems to be nicer than the huge thing that I had at the beginning…


Here is another render…