Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Pfeiffer Gilles


aaah, it dosen’t look as gross as i thought it would in the beginning, but still woaw… sick! :smiley:

I hope you will finish, looks great so far!


I had few times to work on it…
I hope to have time in the next 28 days !

 Thanks Mark ! I hope to catch this "house"'s essence well !
Thanks Antone ! Great to see U back here !

Ok, d’accord, bonjour le spam ! Tu avais 5 minutes à passer Lolo ?

Thanks, I think this is the best I can find for them !

You are right Enders, I stayed “light” in my final perception of this horrible creation ! I could be more GORE !
Thanks for dropping here !


eh… ooooh… :curious:

c’était pas du spam… juste une manière de dire que la référence était géniale… surtout dans le genre poulailler géant :deal:… non mais…

grrrrrrrrrrrr ( :beer: )


Héhé nice house. I’d like the same for my vacation…la petite maison à la
prairie quoi…


Love that house reference, fits to the concept very well! If you will get close to it - you are good!
Start of it looks promising :thumbsup:

And those chickens of yours ended up just wonderful! :slight_smile:


Ok, pas de soucis copain, toujours ravi que tu me soutienne !

Thanks Sophie ! I will find one for your next holiday if you want ! :wink:

Thanks Alex ! I hope to do an animation ! My professionnal job takes me more and more time ! I will finish this contest as fast as a snail !
If I’m too short, the things will fly to the illustration contest !


I don’t have so much time to work on the challenge. I work on a strategic video game for Ageod, I work for Les Lapins Bleus to instruct TVs on a new software…
So this is hard to find time to work on my Pioupiou !
A little step on modeling…


Wonderful! If I was a chicken that’s where I’d want to live. Good luck finding time for this - it seems like you are extremely busy


So, I finally finished the base modeling of the house. Now this is the step for Zbrushing. THis will help me to add detail to the house and texture it too !


the house is looking good buddy… keep it up… will be waiting to see the finished model w/ textures :bounce:


It will be great idylic chicken house! Hope that background will be idylic too, to give contrast between monstruous duo on idylic farm…


Le tressage de l’osier, une future reconversion ? :scream: hahaha…

the effect is very good… that make much in the design… keep going’


Very cute! Looking great


Thanks Zubuyer ! I’m working on it !

Thanks Nenad ! I have to confess that I did’nt think about the background already ! I hope to find an idea soon !

uhuh ! Maybe when I would not earn money with CG !

Thanks Bobby ! it touch me in the heart !

For the moment I’m dealing with the time ! 19 days to finish, it will be short ! because I have many things to do for my professional projects ! I hope to finish the house this week and the whole environment at the end of the next week… I don’t need many times to animate because it will be very simple, few moves from the Werechick and data from camera tracking reimport in the 3D scene…
Then hit render, compose, maybe some sounds or music and that’s it !


C’mon bro! You have to finish this! :bounce:


I’m working on texture. I am testing the new Zmapper for zbrush during texturing…


next step…


keep `em coming my friend :thumbsup:


Looking great, nice work :slight_smile:


You’ve created chicken heaven. The texturing is wonderful :thumbsup: