Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Pfeiffer Gilles


Oeuf corse, the new one is better, but maybe you could push more the granny aspect…

About the egg… I thinks too something more orange_pink_jellow_brownish will be better, with little dots, more “egg”… and with sharp broken edges, and little parts at each side, on the face of your beats, a bit like this “sorry” paintover :

 Thanks Nenad. Yes, the egg was done too quickly and when the mother wasn't sticked to it, it appeared cool. Now I think I have to work on it, the shape and the color.
Thanks and you welcome Mathias ! 

I think this is the 1 difference game, still don’t have it ?

Thanks Pooya, it touched me in the heart !

Thanks Alvin !

You are right, Something like this should be great. About the hen, I don’t think I will update any other thing on her because there is still a lot of work to do on many things !
The egg, the environment, the final rig, the animation, render, compositing… !


Hey Gilles,

I wonder to see these characters animated! :smiley:
It looks great! I don’t think you have to change anything on the hen, she is good as she is. But peaces of the egg shell would be really nice addition. And may be some steam coming of the chick as he just got out of the egg added in post :)?

And funny, I am using exactly the same ref image for the chicken, HAH!


Thanks Alexandra !
I wonder too !
I hope to have time the next week to work on the final touch of the hen before starting the environment. I will have huge work to do for a strategy game and another stuff for TV…
Cool for professional work, not so cool for my personnal projects !


love that bird! i clicked on your cg portfolio link and saw the full body render…that thing is awesome!


Hehehe, haven’t been on this forum for a while and what did I see? amazing stuffs as always - and your work is a part of it. Btw the concept is simple but it works, I really love the contrast between the hen and its “little” chicken!


Hi all !
Back again, I didn’t do something Huge, just change the egg…
I hop to have some time next week to start the environment !


Thanks Casey !

Thanks Sophie ! I’m glad you like it !


Here is the whole render of them with fur… Still have to do some feathers on them…


love it. gonna be cool to see this animated.


when talking abt strange NOTHING BEATS UR HAIRY WIRE CHICKEN!! man its still creepy in an awesome way…the egg yolke looks so good … maaan keep up the strange works of urs…:beer:


This image raises the question: do farmers feed hormones to their chickens? No seriously, it’s looking fantastic. Very funny and beautifully done too. The egg shell looks very convincing


Thanks Casey ! Animation will arrive at the final step I think. I’m not an animator so I will put all my forces in modeling and render. I hope to do a cool animation !

Thanks Zubuyer !

Thanks Mark !
I don’t know if they give hormones.
The more I work on this chicken the more I think that it could be a cool story about a Werechicken !


simply awesome! :eek: love the details my friend! :eek: that egg making me hungry!! :cry:


hahaha… trop fort, beau contrôle sur la matière…

you push further your capabilities Mister Pepperowski :thumbsup:


Her is the start of the Hens’ house…
The very first start…

Thanks Neville and Laurent ! :wink:


That hen house design is just perfect. Excellent choice :thumbsup:


keep going my friend :thumbsup:


So cool Ze Houz :scream: :thumbsup:


I agree - really cool house, perfect for our happy couple :scream: