Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Pfeiffer Gilles


I love it the shader is beautiful …


Excellent shader on the hen! She looks very num num!
And thanks for a showing your shader network, you have obviously put a lot of work in
all those maps! What resolution are your maps at, by the way?
Keep up the good work!


This guy “déboîte grave”…

awesome texture mate :thumbsup: just remain you to add some freaky feathers :scream:


Thanks Mark and Nico ! :wink:

Thanks Mathias !

I first paint the diffuse in Zbrush using poly painting and projection master. I use some skin texture taken on some hens’ pictures.
Then I export the displacement map with ZB and the normal map too.
The displacement map in tif is converted in .map.

Then in photoshop I do some transformation with the diffuse map to have the subdermal and the back scatter color. Most of the time, this is just a color correction of the diffuse but sometimes I can put some veins and more details if I want to see some details in transparency…
The specular is created with the normal map and the diffuse mixed all together.

The back scatter and subdermal weight are painted in zbrush

The size of the diffuse, the diplace and the normal map is 2048X2048. The other maps are 1024X1024 for the maps which are the SSS’s layers and the weight of these layers are 512X512, that’s enough I think.
It is possible that my mental ray doesn’t like this huge amount of maps ! I think that I should reduce some of them before doing the final layer or I should compose the two characters…

Merci copaing ! ça me fait vraiment plaisir venant de toi mon maître !

Thanks Laurent ! I’m really proud that you appreciate my work on this, really !

Next step will be the feathers and after this the environment !


…quand j’aime, j’le dit !
avec une pointe de jalousie… :scream:


nice chicken


So here they are, together, mother and son !


So, I think I have to work on the mother color because she is to dark in front of her son. I think the part of the egg doesn’t look like an egg, I will work on that.


What do you eat actually Gilles ? you seem very powerfull… I’m speechless, just continue like that… it’s the good way…

…we’re watching you :thumbsup:


Thanks Laurent !
I just don’t work to much. I spent the last two years having this technique in me but nothing to let it speak. Now I have this pipeline which seems to work a bit so I spend less time doing test.
But It is not finished, I have to put some other details on the hen mother and then doing the environment which isn’t as easy as it seems ! When I will be at this point I would like to be Lemog who model architectural things better than everybody I use to know !
I just have to do a hens’ house, this will not be the Universal thing you do !
Thanks again Laurent !


Still working on the shader of the mother…


Glad to hear that… I’m very happy, cause I like much “your” style… I always like much what I couldn’t do myself !

Poor hen… but I’m sure to be able to find something adapted :scream:


Hen is looking good now! Will you give her feathers? The egg is a bit hard to read though, maybe you could try to make it thinner and with some cracks.
You’re doing just great here it’s a joy to see :slight_smile:


Thanks Gunnie !
Yes I will add feathers to her, just few My source is this :

You are right, the egg looks like a rock !


I did a quick retexturing on the hen to see better the “link” between her child and her…


It will be very interesting to see how will such huge monster appear from such small egg :).
I agree with Gunnila for the egg comments, and maybe some ligh yellowish/brownish colour for the egg too, but that may vary very much…


The new one is definitely the better! You have richer colors there!
By the way, thanks for the explanations about your texture sizes!
Keep up the good work!


is it a 7 difference game? i don’t get it :slight_smile:


kinda creepy, in fact, very creepy! and that shows how good of an artist you are :thumbsup:
keep the good works up!


very funny characters!!:smiley: