Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Pfeiffer Gilles


Fantastic work! Slightly creepy and very funny


If I use that wallpaper I’ll get nightmares… simply amazing, Gilles :thumbsup:


Here is the hen in its final pose and I have to do the UV again, because the geometry is too extreme compared to the old one…


You welcome Steve !

Thanks Mathias. I first thought it would be cool to do that but I think he will look like a human too much after that.

Thanks Mark ! :wink:

Sorry Gunnie dear ! I think it will be really horrible when its mother will be on its head !


I loved…great expression, very, vaery funny. Fantastic work my friend.



Here is the beginning of the Hen in ZB…

THanks Alan !


hehehe nice hen buddy!.. I love the way u pop eyes… the eyes alone makes ur characters hillarious!

keep up the funny business buddy!:thumbsup::bounce::buttrock:


the hen looks cool but Piou looks great… keep it up and keep us posted


Mrehehe i plan also to popup eyes of my hen when laying few of her eyes :slight_smile: !

BTW how is your Piou leg rig looking? It is most frustrating part of chicken rig :sad:


hello Gpepper

I like the new head of your “piou piou” and
the face of hen is irresistible, congratulation for the work, i’m very curious to view the ensemble of the image:applause:


Cool expression on the face and the eyes, yes, you know how to manipulate them to
be expressive and alive!
keep us updated!


Here is the next step of the hen’s modeling…

 Thanks Zubuyer ! I will try to keep the crazy thing in me during the next 49 days !
Thanks George, I keep posting ! 

Thanks Nenad, I think that it gives the cartoon look of the scene !

I just do a basic rig with some set driven key to open or close the toes…

Thanks Christophe ! I hope that I manage to give her such personality than the Werechick !

Thanks Mathias !


Here is a quick test in maya to render the hen. For the moment only a sss shader and the color maps and a displace map. I have to connect a bump map and a specular map too !


next step…


nice work on the skin shader… looks like it’s just been plucked… a few random feather hairs here and there would add to it nicely :thumbsup:


here is the shader and all the texture I use for the hen. Many textures ! diffuse, subdermal, epidermal, bump with a normal map generated in ZB, differents maps to give the weight of each layer of the SSS, specularity, etc.


Yes this should be the next step !


here is the last render, I have to go to sleep now !
see you tomorrow !


Wow!!! That’s a fantastic hen. The skin is looking brilliant.