Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Pfeiffer Gilles


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Hi all !
Another challenge, so I’m in, for sure !
It is a great pleasure to enter. I met so many friends through these challenges that I can’t just stay as a spectator !
I will be happy to talk with you friends and share things about CG, again !
See ya !


good luck mate! :thumbsup:


Little GPepper is on the challenge …weeeee! :bounce:


Thanks friends ! I hope to see you very often !


nice nice nice…it will surely be interesting…
Have Fun Gilles !


Thanks Cyril ! :wink:


Good luck man!:thumbsup:


Awesome to see you here again G!, it will be an honor to knock this one out alongside you mate;)


Thanks Alvin and Rob !
Nice to share this great moment with you too ! these challenge are so good to keep communication between us !
let’s start to have some concept !


dances like nuts

Have a lots of fun and best of luck Gillou

cheers ,


ps : Essaye de convaincre le shaolin


Great to see ya mate.Have lots of fun now you hear!


Best of luck Pfeiffer! Thanks so much for the kind word in my thread :love::buttrock:


Thanks Steph !
Shaolin ? Don’t know, maybe he will have time…

Thanks Corrie ! I hope to see you here very often !

Thanks Magdalena ! you welcome.


Hope you enjoy the challenge! :thumbsup:


here we go again !
hohoOHoooho :smiley:

nice to see u also gilou :slight_smile:

gilou le fou :smiley:

hope u can produce a Zb3 stuff :smiley:


anything so strange :smiley:

ahah :slight_smile:


kisses :slight_smile:

good luck my friend !


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !:bounce:
Good luck man!


Hi Gilles, so we’re playing once more… this will be lots of fun!


Claire, Laeticia, Michel, Gunilla, thanks to you friends !
I hope to find something special !


fun fun above everything :slight_smile: for sure here we will have nice piece of laugh ! can’t wait to see something :twisted: good luck