Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Pekka Saari


Pekka Saari is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Render: bat_room


Storyboard and Sketchs of my character. I use drawings to get the story and personality going, and leave much of the design work to 3D (no blueprints etc.). Not always fastest way, but gives interesting results.


Modeling stage ready. Lots of clean wall area. Hope that reflections will make them interesting.


My idea was to put more detail to the environment than on the bat. I just wanted to keep him simple and get the attention to the animation.


It’s a bit difficult to read your story from the storyboard (too small), anyway, is it a bit complicated, or am I wrong? It would be nice to see a playblast, in order to grasp the action better. The bathroom is looking nice, have you thought about adding a few errors, like a broken tile, or some dirt. That might give the scene more atmosphere. Good luck to you!


image removed: correct image below


I think you can get some idea of my characters “inner feelings”. I think he hasn’t had a very easy life.


I think you can get some idea of my characters “inner feelings”. I think he hasn’t had a very easy life.


looks like an interesting character. i like the render of the bathroom, too. the shower curtain is a nice touch.


Look video at later post


dang, that bat is kinda freaky looking. probably give my little boy nightmares.


Software: 3ds max,combustion

3D animation, duration almost 2 min.
Software used 3Ds Max, Photoshop, Combustion, Premiere

Mean little bat finds it way to the strange bathroom. He starts eating anything that comes along eatable or not. After eating and breaking everything, bat accidentaly starts an electrochemical reaction. In the end bat becomes an victim of hes own creed.

Play Video >>


This video have been posted if, for some reason, video below don’t work. For better quality view video in Post before this.

Play Video >>


Hi everybody and sorry for beeing silent for a while. It seems that one can use 3ds Max fluently, but still manage to mess up with simple file transfers.


  • For some reason I cannot post attachments so I could only post staff on my milestones, therefore small filesize and too small storyboards. Probably I could enter both sheets of storyboard separately, but as I’ve already posted the final video, and don’t want to put any milestones anymore.

Broken tiles, dirt etc. for the bathroom would usually been the way to go, but I wanted to keep everything clean. Maybe something really small, like little spots (dryied water) could have worked. In the end there were lots of stuff that I couldn’t get in because I wanted to do quite a long story, so everything isn’t so polished as it could be.

Thank you for your comments.


The main caracter looks like a version yoda + gollum. Nice work.


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