Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Patrick Hecht


Software: Maya

everything that has detail is polygon modelling, here the wire

sometimes i used nurbs like for thos berry trees in the back, or simple lofted coffe can or pot, but i mentioned that before…


Software: Maya

this is one of two turntables, that i wanted to show as many other stuff and concept on diploma presentation, but we just had to present the movie…

nah anyway…

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ups sorry, I’ve overseen the link because there was no picture with it
downloading just right now


Software: After Effects

and here the second one :wink:

i digged through alot of Mental Ray Stuff help, tuts, from friends, Software Lighting Tests,

just to end up with with physical sky and sometimes additional light to spot some action, and again, had a trigger to have more time to concentrate on other finishing touches.

In Composting i just added a simple Occlusion and a negative multipled blur of the beauty, to have this sunny bloom. Very very simple.

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Software: After Effects,Maya,mental ray

Strange Behaviour

A poor dog gets annoyed by a bird and he takes it a bit too personal.

  • All 3D was done in Maya

  • 860 hours of total work in around 96 days - with 3 extra workdays for challenge recut & everything

  • Rendertime: dunno alot rendered on up to 8 AMD X2 4200, with 2gb RAM 64 Bit in academy and on my home machine a C2Duo 2,66 Ghz @ 3,2 and 2 GB Ram, 32 Bit

  • Beautys with alot reflection rendered up to 4 and a half minutes on my home machine

  • Fluid renders up to 4 minutes per frame

  • OCC’s went thorugh with 30 seconds or a minute max

  • around 40.000 images rendered… alot animation for the dumb and learning

  • Composited with After Effects and squeezed out in Premiere Final.

Personal Review again:

It was great, my first project, one i finished, one i had the discipline to end, and the first with a real schedule, concept, controlling to have alot time for those parts, which without would have probably ended up in a big chaos.

I have to thank alot of people for having a lot of looks, thoughts and critics at my stuff.

specially, my girlfriend lexi bigkiss, martin becker for our long studio session, marc-d klein and jan härting for his critics & ideas, oliver schulz for digging into fluids, dennis the manice for his mental ray experience, … :wink:

and all i forgot, to mention them all would, really blow these pages, but i hope i have let them all know [B-THX again !! :wink: ]

also i have to thank you guys… would like to have chatted with a lot more of you, but this may grow, …

now all the best to everyone :slight_smile:

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That was funny. Nice work.


well, as you see no update here… already had my little rework done after meeting my personal deadline on 1. october…

i am grateful that my next project started, where i’m doing production design and modelling part in team… so no time focusing on past stuff…

its very off topic, but if you’re interested, a little character blocking has been done

i’d like to have a place for wip and project related stuff, dunno if i get the time to setup a site or anything else. then i’ll open up a thread ;)…

off topic :slight_smile:


very fun animation…i like a lot…but there is a huge black space un the middle of the animation!


yeah hehe, this was planned as a black screen blend with off sound … to show that both dog and bird had a bit longer fight, until it comes to show down … but didn’t work out as its far too long black, for the final sound and voices…

well, something i wanted to try, and learned that it didn’t work :wink:

but the challenge version is even quicker in everything G learned alot about timing, telling animation, things i never have done before…


awesome man!

some parts really made me laugh, great job. All the best with your entry!


ah-hey ah-hey ah-hey ah-hey ah-hey ah-hey ah-hey !
This part really made me laugh !
You understand the sense of humor very well !
Thanks for this little shine of the sun !


This one rocks! Very well done for your first, hard to belive!
Good luck now!



Cool one! Nice clean rendering you´ve got here. Very accurate for such a humor. Good luck!


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