Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Patrick Hecht


oh, cool sounds like i reached some little laughs inbetween :wink:

wayne: no prob, always nice getting to know some slang…

xioncajou: big thx! my main target was to get better in animation, learned alot about it even thought i didn’t have the time to edit every little detail…

ragdoll: inserted the bunny cause i had it modeled at start… perhaps i’ll cover him in grass… or keep him out. a friend asked me to put it in, little insider g

well, this week, i had to do alot of other stuff that was put on hold for long…

so, i just played a little with mental ray, that has changed alot to what i remembered…

i still like the results i get from physical sun and sky, it doesn’t flicker at all in animation, which was very surprising.

thinking of using that… but also i’m struggling with mR materials, anyone out here whos deep in that stuff? i want soft light reacting surface … like clay or something… don’t get it - a bit cold leveld…just light test, with lamberts


New Light and Texture Test.

Have upgraded my pc, so had some other little time out :wink:

Shaders have no real texture yet, going for the tree next, trying not to add too much detail,…


good job man keep them coming


have expermineted with texture painting, but it doesn’t let it look simple, with detailed textures, so i think i’m going for the first idea and take these simple shaders…

the dog will get some brown spots though, still tweaking colors, its a struggle, as every color gets washed out alot with the physical sun…

but i will add some little stones, grass leaves etc. to get the little more extra detail…


edit: problem solved, maya 8.5 bug need to install sp1 or convert nurbs [off topic thread ]


long time, movie is rendered & comped, did special effects, now i’m in recording voices and doing music…

got to present it on 1. of october, one week to go, will upload the prefinal for challenge then,

but got to recut, 4 minutes and 30 :wink:


oh lol are those rabbits making love?
the animation is really funny
colours look good so far. Will you texture everything, or will you leave that clean cartoon loock which is now?


hey ania, yes the rabbits are or better were making love

i had planned to use fur for grasses and do paint effects for flowers etc, but as i textured the trees and everything, i realised that it broke with the simplicity of the overall design, so i decided to leave it as plain shaders, deleted the textures, tweaked the colors and added some extra little modelling details to the environment,

the rabbits were supposed to be hidden in the grasses, but without no grass, it looked to awkward … and silly placed… so i kicked 'em,

in the end, it turned out that my first tests, fitted my needs [ ideas ] more and better, than everything i tried to put in for more gadgetery

as i’m doing music and sounds, i now also realise that alot of shots i’ve done, could be compromized and cutted, i’m not that great director and story teller, but i learned a lot on the way, and with more time now i would change the story telling more drasticly… but for my frist attempt of a short, i’m quite satisfied, that everything, kept out to be in schedule and as i planned, even if its not a short that makes you love every 2 seconds like a “lifted” from pixar :wink:


hey…cool idea dude…that models are great…is very funny…is a really nice job…you are working with 3d max, maya …or what…and that is poly, patch, nurbs?:eek:


thx, melkao! it’s done in maya, mostly polygon modelling, except for some props, like the coffe pot, cup, sandwich and rasberry trees those are simple nurbs …

i’m looking forward for writing some little more about the project in review, when it’s done and of course if anyone should have interest, but for the moment i’m busy polishing as far as i can, till monday, sadly besides those boring industry stuff i do for work…

but, if theres anything else that u like to know just ask :wink:


ugh, 4 o’clock in the morning, coming straight from studio, filled up with coffee and curious about putting all together, but that’ll have to wait untill tomorrow,… ehh today

will have to mix and master all tracks and put in some additional fluids to comp, the very last 2% …

there will also be some stuff coming past presentation on monday, but i guess i have to party it first and get a week off for rest :wink:


watched your playblast and loved it. great dog character. loved your camera cuts and perspective. can’t wait to see the final rendered animation. you have been working very hard and it shows.


here it is [ right click to download ] | and enjoy!

i dunno how to cut that thing down to 2 minutes, that’ll show, but for tonight i’m gonna get out and drink some beer with my friends!

total production: around 860 hours


The facial expression of the dog when he pees and looks like he´s waiting for applause is really really good, the whole animation is very funny…:smiley:

I think cutting it down could add to the way the story is told. All the action that is going on could even be increased through faster cuts and less time for the viewer to catch up, also perhaps the establishing shot could be shortened a bit, only my thoughts…

The 860 hours show…good work :thumbsup:


long time no see

had some nice 2 weeks of vacation in beginning of october, which i barely needed to relax and calm down of all the stress, handling my full time pre-diploma and work at company for paying the bills… i did not touch the computer except for some few hours of gaming :wink:

well, my pre diploma went out with an 1.3 grade, that i’m pretty happy with and proud of

the project was done with most time planned and spended to learn and dig into animation. that payed out alot, i learned so much about concept, blocking and the inertial aspects of it.

but i also see, that i have to spend some more time to really transpose it to a fluent and fast workspeed. experience comes by doing it… a long way to run…

i followed alot of threads, with a bad feeling not to have any time to respond with some meaningfull contributions…

there’s been alot of creativity going on here, it was fun and pleasure to watch!
and its great to see people who have alot of skill, experience and individual geniuse (?°! :slight_smile:

hope to compete on another challenge with all of you, but for me this was not really a competition, more a privelege …

for today i’m going to have lunch now, and then start uploading my stuff, movie is rendered, image is rendered, will also order some wip that i’ve missed out…

i’m curious where to put the final movie? is that the final render upload we have to do?

didn’t use the cguploader 'till now…

thx, and all the best to you out there, in the last finial finishing touches!



Congrats for your pre-diploma!

Can’t wait to see the animation finished, the wip was very funny.

I think yes, it’s the final render where it has to go, (I submitted with the CGuploader both final render and final animation at once).
You have to submit through the CGUploader (links to external .mov or .avi files won’t be accepted for te competition as far as I know).
But you could submit a .mov version additionally just for me, because the videos on CGTalk seem to lag :wink:


i’m sorry to dissapoint, but the last .wmv i uploaded was the final animation…

i just cutted this 4:30 minute piece down to 2 minutes, recycled music and sound , reanimated one short shot to keep continuity, perhaps someone will recognize ;), but its not worth mentioning

i’m also sad, about the peeing part, had to cut it, cause that was almost 25 seconds long, no time for the rest than… so for the sake of story telling i just kept what tells it…

well i can prolly do a quicktime version for you the next weekend if you’re still interested then…


first of all something i did not mention yet, the man on the bench, is a free rig from Rodi Torres [ ]. Thanks to him for giving this out free of charge.

I first thought of replacing the rig, in animatic phase, but he can’t be seen anyway except for the last 2 shots. Where you can’t recognize his face, so i had more time to struggle with other things.

i just added a hat to him :smiley:


Software: Maya

for those who are interested in the low poly mesh

i modelled him in around 6 hours total, with mouth etc, as simple as possible

i tried different styles for setup, to have quadruped or biped abilities, but ended up as usual with biped ik setup.

  • the arms have a controller at the root, so that i could pull them of for some shots, as the character proportions are a little strange…

  • would have liked to have squash and strech, but thought of it to late in animation phase

  • also the legs are too short, or would have needed same root controller as the arms


Software: Maya

the bird mesh,

didn’t spend any time on this, and it was hell to animate, the body binding sometimes messed up… to much or less joints, i dunno, or to less brain from myself G

the wings are FK, legs just have ik and stick with the root…