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I’m doing animation pre-diploma exam in Oct., my academy required a little short project to be pulled out by individual and from the ground up. So I started developing the last months. My target was to do some weird and simple cartoon, well, and I hope that’ll work,… just a little?!

          [b][size=3]1.    story 
        [/b][/size][b]1.1 first attempts [/b]

My first idea has been a bird provoking a man, who is trying to wash his car, by putting his little bird gifts on the polished surface of the car. From this frictional content I played through alot of settings and setups of characters, that came into my mind.

Than, as it evolved a little, I had the idea of the bird sitting on an twig of a big tree above a little bench, where yes, the man would sit.

          10 new versions later, I put a dog into the game, to defend the man 
          and 20 versions later is what is in production now.
      [b]1.2 final summary[/b]

A Man sits on a bench beneath a big tree. He is reading newspaper and has a dog. This dog is trying to catch the mans attention, with no real luck. On the little bench, theres also a sandwich box. After a little try to grab the sandwich, a bird suddenly falls from the sky and flys around. At the same time as the dog gets notice and investigates the site of crash, the bird has already made a look upon the sandwich. A battle breaks out

[b]2. character sketches

            2.1 the dog sketches
   [/b][i]early stage 
   [i]final sketch |  [/i]I thought simple is more, and gives me more time to look upon other things

[b]2.2 the bird

  [/b][i]an angry dumb version [/i][b]
  clever and sneaky 
 [/i][b] [img][/img]
  [/b][i]and the right one is what made my choice, but whithout the dumb eyes



[b]2.3 a bunny

[/b]a bunny, that will perhaps get a little role besides the action :slight_smile:


3. Character Modelling & Setup

[b]3.1 the dog


a little pose and binding test, to check animation ability


3.2 the bird

same procedure with the bird


Wow, very nice, they look really close to the concept drawings, if there already rigged and ready to animate then you’re nearly done beside setting and texturing. You should put the flight cap back on the bird, I like that little detail, gives it more humanistic characteristics. i can’t help but think the bunny is going to be the real winner in the end somehow.

Anyways, good job, all you work that you have so far just makes me look like a slacker.


Very cool poses and expressions! Can’t wait to see the textured version!


thank you :slight_smile: but i have to say, the whole project with concepting and drawing started long before challenge, as i said its pre-diploma. It’s just big luck, that my story has something to do with strange behaviour.

I’m also taking this chance of competing to give myself motivation and also an extra experience that i’m not wanting to miss. Besides i can fresh up my english, hehe.

lemasterig: yes, the bunny is also the funniest part for me, but sadly, i had to write a bigger story, a slapstic or very short animation wouldn’t fulfill requirements…

I am currently in animation. I have already build the set, props, rigs and setups in the last month. All is done in Maya and referenced, so I can texture and add details later on. Because I wanted this project as a train for my animation skills, i have planned the most time for that.


looks pretty good so far!
du machst et!


bird looks like moorhuhn
very cool model


LOL – I like your character designs :slight_smile: not just funny, but full of life and character!


you character looks funny, good luck man ! :slight_smile:


thank you guys, first of all…

i had some money work to do the last 2 weeks, but finished overall animation of the project yesterday.

It’s 4 minutes animation now, done in round about 5 weeks,… I’m very happy with the result, thus it’s my first real project and first attempt to do some serious animation.

I’ve seen lifted from pixar yesterday, and had to laugh every two seconds, but when i compare story its both simple. But the humoristic stuff they put in their pieces is always so fluent and looks so easy.

That’s what is lacking in my project, dunno if i can fix that in cutting, or if music and sound will make it any better.

Currently its rendering the playblast cut and I’m gonna upload it to my server.

Wanna see? :stuck_out_tongue:

hold on…


after fixing some minor glitches in animation, bugs in the setups and unwrapping some more little props… i started animating some inserts for the second shot… as it’s kind of ropy (is that the right word for long and boring?) :slight_smile:

will update the cut on my deadline end july…

so put me down, comment and critic [ right click and download ]


Here is the final cut of the animation playblast …

[ right click and download ]

[size=2]it’s been 6 weeks of animation , with alot man hours each day…

for the challenge, i got to recut it again, before october, but first i’ll get to, texturing, lighting, sound design, rendering and comp…



hey man you have a nice concept going onn…funny always mean money … so i can’t wait to see how u put it all together…


big thx! it’s a whole new struggle for me, but i love doing it … curios about putting it together too. hope everything works, like i planned it…

edit: ahh, i got it the money thing now, hehe, yeah, sometimes you got to do something for your bed and breakfast :stuck_out_tongue:


money its one of my slangs… hahaaha … it just mean that anything that has humor will get a lot of attention… forgive me …these slangs are not use in other part of the world… hehe… ur stuff looks awesome … i’ll be posting some of my stuff soon…


Nice animation, very good timing… keep it up:thumbsup:


lol that had some nice gags in it. i’d take out that rabbit scene tho, all to best your chances at winning. :thumbsup: