Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Nenad Pantic


Ania: I cannot use Gelato i think, I have Radeon card! :frowning:
I tried Kerkythea but scene was wrongly interpreded by it, in my case…
Yafray is good because it is very much integrated in the Blender, and there is a new version. Though, render time is x5 comparing to internal render, in this state, and lights must be hardly tweaked.
I think I will try to enhance scene in with Internal shading for now, adding extra lights and tweaks, trying to eliminate a little dark reflections and shadows…

Evengi: you are right, and the new storyboard will be simpyfied a little, the shallow/deep interpretation will be left in details and background, and i would like to have simple story in the front, the idea… I will take that course, especially now when i came to animation, to keep everything more close to point out what is funny in this idea.

Hen: well, someone suggested me (i think Ania did) that i should make hand bones to be builded like in human. Now, i have “human” modeling of wings, drawn in cartoon way; and realistic, bird like cunstitution of hand bones. I guess I will follow that advice.
Yet i am not sure, if I change the order of finger lenghts, that will be reverse to the human constitution… ? I hope I understood you… :shrug:
And great idea with fleas! I will surely add that - if I will have time left, It can raise the atmosfere on a low-cost!
Thank you much for your observations!

I am now texturing hen, and creating shape keys for face, also improving rig.


AN update with (mainly) finished Hen. I unwarped the hen in Blender, lots of UV node editing, then painted texture in PS. There is also UV normal map for some sense of texture. I also remodeled some parts of the hen mildly. It is far from realistic, but I love this hybrid between realism and cartoonish, I think it will fit well in story. Some seams are visible and some minor tweaks to do… I will correct that on the go… it is time to start animating!

Also there is small rotation anim of the hen here:


Here is refined storyboard. It is shorter for some scenes, there is less psyhology in it and less of drama, an more of fun. Movie is divided in 5 parts: Breeding, Carrying eggs, Chrushing eggs, Cooking, 5ton end.
This will be my storyboard and also Recording book, and i will imrpovise on the fly (thanks to the creative freedom of this contest). It is not excluded tat I will change or add something on the fly :).

I have created movie 15sec. first rough animation, I will post result tommorow if render goes fine.

Sorry for b/w entry, i could not compress picture more…

Here is the start shoot(after title) - roughly animated (have mercy on me! :slight_smile: ).

small update:
i changed lighting a little: area light with more contrasts instead of spotlight that was before… what say you?
I am continuing to animate…

ToDo list:

  • though my itention was to create a dark corner of the room, I need some light/material settings to give more volume
    -cage material
    -solve some z-battle in clock and in Lucy letters
  • correcting door texturng - wrong orientation of lines
  • chicken tongue too much red
    -egg cup material
  • improving wallpapper texture - add some irregularites, destruction
  • other smaller details :slight_smile:
  • hens eye have to look to camera before clock (it is present, but it lasts only 3frames, it have to be at least 1 sec.)
  • improving “surprise” part when hen is turnig her head down and up
  • details


Animation here:

Animation update… managed to form first 45 sec of animation…


Hey there, Nenad. Great work with the animation so far. The moodier lighting really suits the piece, too, though I hope the area lights won’t be too expensive in terms of rendering time.

Keep up the good work!


the animatic looks nice…but i think that is a little slow…we have to wait to much to see some action…maybe changing a little faster the cameras and cutting the shots, so we can get more fun watching the animation:deal:


A little slow? Do you really think so? I don’t know. One of my biggest complaints with a lot of computer animation is that the action is too frantic. I kind of like it when someone slows things down to establish mood.


I agree with both of you… well my itention that first part of the movie should be easier in tempo (i wanted to give some feeling of tension and expecting)… from the point where i stopped, there will be a lots of dinamic action!

I thik animation and tempo will stay the same in this part(I agree with with VIkram - i dislike too much action if I cannot comprehend it!) but will add some micro-actions or gestures to make it easier…

Thanks for guidance and support! :slight_smile:


lolling all over this… Can’t wait to see the cookup;)

Good luck


Nice work! I love it… :thumbsup:

Kolko nas ima… tralala :applause:


Here is another, in duration smaller update…15 secs (But the previous animation is also here, now in real-time). This part brings more action as i promised (of course all of thes is WIP, needs adjusting
and micro adjusting :)). Finally I moved chicken out of cage so I feel kind of freedom now :).

Daddy: Tnx for support…! I am trying to make it funny/mad as I can (what is not so hard in fact - chicken is funny animal by itself!)
Maksy: Hey there, glad to see some domestic people here - thanks for morale boost! Živio!

And for Melkao: in addition to what i replied, I just discovered that the movie I posted before is little bit slower than original, because it is screencaptured video from application preview, not render :slight_smile: . It is in fact 1/4 faster, as it can be seen in new video… this update is real 25 fps.

BTw how do you upload those anim previews to CGS server ? :slight_smile:


much better…now it has more life in the animation…but i think that still needs a little work…but looks pretty nice!..this will be a very fun animation to see:scream:


Looking good mate :slight_smile: All coming together, ahh plenty of time :wink: haha


Here is wip of animation between taking of eggs till breaking of egg.
When she drops the egg agains the pan, there will be flash of ligh or something (now it looks like she is dropping the egg on the pan.

The matrix slowmotion turnaround is in the test phase… just an idea… what do you think? (as an idea?)

EDIT: I watched my movie for several times and I conclude that I like Matrix turnaround for climax! Only, I should make it 2 times slower, more precise, and with some slow motion flapping with leggs in the air! After that 3 short zooms (as for three eggs) at chicken breaking the egg rapidly, from different angles, like in Kung-Fu movies, and after that i can proceed with normal tempo cooking…)

Melkao, Trickz: Thanks for cheering me up! I’ll do my best (for current abilites and skills, and life circumstances :slight_smile: )



I am working now hard to finish animation. Curently I reached frame 2500, I am just rendering test small size full renders, and i am satisfied with them. Final animation will be finished tommorow or day after, then I will refine it in a day or two. I will leave texture and details tweaking for stage before render, and i plan to render it next week.
I found a man for music and sound fx, and everything goes right i will have final movie to submit next weekend, or friday before it.

And, I have here update on my shading setup. With this I am satisfied: it is Blender internal render with ambiend occlusion, raytracing, aerial lamp and one spot lamp only for halo effect - little ammount of “spice” with volumetric light. I also finished the "Matrix part, breaking of egg, and cooking, about 3/4. Now only finishing of cooking and grand finalle with 5 ton chrush. I hope I will post my final animation (probably without textures AO and rays hopefully till the endo fo this week.


looking nice. so you are using blender? i looked at that program…couldn’t get used to the interface. good work showing what that program can do.
how will the egg cracking be done?



Blender interace is really tricky, but it is true, it is very efficient when you get used to it. It became professional tool through the many years of open-sorce development!
I dont know should i reccomend it or not - best tool is anyway any proffesional tool where you are efficient!

About cracking, infact I have everything done, whole animation, now. My head aches terribly. :frowning: . Of course, there is many errors in animation behind and still have to tweak textures/shading around. Also, need to refine skinning weights…
Well chicken jumps in air, then i have 7-8 secs of “Matrix” style slowmotion, and then 3 short “kung fu finish him!” zoom shots with particles… after that brutal fantasy part, i show already cracked egg, as she drops the yolk inside frying pan. Sorry, no spectacular animation of cracking here, in tehnical sense :slight_smile: - But I hope it will give some fun instead!


Software: Blender,Photo-Paint,Wings3D

Finished animation, only realy few things I plan to refine. The halo in the fryier will be particle emitter.
This is render without Ambiend oclussion and Ray tracing (AO lits the room more, but it takes really long to render with thes options, sorry…(at the end there is nothing visible because that)
I need to update some textures still, and next week ill render, make video compositing, title screen, colegaue will finish the music… I hope to upload final at the end of the next week…

Play Video >>


Some progress with details… aded some “promotional poster”, some playing cards, empty bottles and glasses around table and on the floor… etc. and finaly managed with particle emmiter: cooking steam