Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Nenad Pantic


Hey Anya, thanx for comment! About her wings, well I followed Bird-like anathomy rig, but i admit maybe it looks strange because i will use wings as a hands, what suggests human anathomy. In fact, I have planned to show the hen as an ordinary “realistic” hen in the start, with chicken movements, and to use cartoonish humainoid movements after she lay eggs. That is still a plan, but I guess i will need her more for cartoonish animation. I will see what to do, and can I set up the rig that it can be used by both animation setups…
About the feathers - yes, that was my idea too in one moment (the tail looks to flat), but somehow it escaped me in my last thoughts- thanks for reminding me! :slight_smile:

Fruela, tnx for visiting! About rhe storyboard: The main decision is will i show that she is aware wat she is doing, or is she consumes eggs like human. To the last scenario, she is aware, and that requires, as you well noticed, many expressions on her face. I am still meditating though, will I modify scenario and make her basically unaware of what she is doing.
BTW, I will create her facial expression using Blender shape keys. Also, i am abot to simplify her leg rig, because it dos not need so much accuracy, and work more on her face.


I added 5tons heavy metal piece falling on the chicken after her ultimate madness… in the Monthy Pyton Flying Circus style ! :slight_smile:
Also continued to work on environment, and did some cleanup to the chicken mesh, reading it for shape keys and UV mapping.


Hey Nenad! The hen looks awesome, I like the expression in her face, but honestly, 5 tons of weight? Man, you are brutal!
Hehe, that would make a great ending to the animation, with a nice VFX sound effect and
maybe a camera vibration!
Can’t wait to see the rest!


5 tons is brutal ? I considered 500 kg but I came to conclusion that is not enough .
Yes camera trembling would be nice, and if I will have time there will be also some particles (dust) and scattered pieces of the ceiling around…
…and i plan one addition to the last scene (got idea just now)… to put bunch of little chickens bursting from the hole in the cieling :slight_smile: … (at least single one standing on the top of 5tons, if nothing)
I too cant wait to lay my hands on animation, but i still have few meshes to solve, not to talk about UV mapping! Though, i think Object are more-les simple and details are done in geometry - so I will not go in details there, or so i think :slight_smile:


Yesterday i finished some more meshes, like door, window, walls, wallpapers, chickens hat etc. and today i started to assemble things in the scene. This is wip, very early, but you can see that mood will be somewhat dark :slight_smile: . Need to add more of those unsticking wallpapers, fix some seams etx. and then start to uv and place the furniture and prepare the scene…


Here is a update… I am working in haste on texturing the props, time is leaking :slight_smile:


pretty funny. hope you have time to get it done. the only critique i would have so far would be that the reflectivity on some of your objects seems too high. the most noticeable being the fridge. i really like your modelling and texture work. looks like everything has been well thought out.


And here is some small test render through environment (Sorry for camera being too fast.)… much WIP, still MANY objects to add and many things to tweak and correct…Oh, and I decided that outside is night (window), and perhaps fridge will be placed next to window to fill more space… il see about that.

@r1-381: yes, the fridge is too reflective: i just “finished” texturing it tonight, and it is in fact meant to be older model, not so reflective, just a little bit. And few edges ond him has to be smothed… And yea, thema allows me to apply many kinds of rich textures… i will paint them even more but in the last stage i think if any time left.
Thanks for visiting and stay tuned :thumbsup:


cool texturing!


Some paintings playing the role in the story (which will be once again refined :slight_smile: ). I did it with pencil and painted them in Photoshop, then uv painted them to the frames…


Here is another update, showing now models textured and lit. They were not in (written) plan, but will be good addition to story and mood.
I hope to finish fully in about 10 days whole room setup, so hopefully I will have 20 days for animation and refinements…


i like your idea, is very funny…and nide job modeling…absolutely, i tough in that one too:eek: before i decided! a nice one…keep going!:scream:


Here is current progres, in tweaking!

Hey, Medunecer ad Melkao, thanks for support which is helping me to endure :).


The update… I am pressing hard to finish the room, to have (mostly) all elements in scene (though i am thinking of some new small details, but as they will not affect the story i will add them possibly later). I am anxious to get my hands finally on animation. I have maybe few hours to finish the room, and then finally to work with hen again (I need to texture it, and check the rig, also to add shape keys for facial expressions). If all will be ok, I will start to animate maybe even before weekend. Also, need to refine screenplay, as I have added/reduced some parts of the story…


The room is mainly done… i refined some proportions, added some small details, an cage is set up… As I consider everything is in place, I will start to animate, and refine lighting/some details on the go. But next step is Hen texturring and facial expressions, (rig is 80% finished from before). I also did some eggs that will be used in movie. Still have to refine scenario (have it in the head but havent put on papper yet)


nice work, just the lighting looks a bit old-school, are you rendering with internal? maybe try to turn on AO.
the eggs are great.


nice egg…now i am hungry…nice job!:thumbsup:


Hey Anna, tnx for useful suggestion! In fact I had turned Ambient Oclussion before and in some point i turned it off :slight_smile: :slight_smile: (I guess to improve render speed).
So i think I can keep this setings because of faster render times, and later improve the setup, or improve it on the fly. I am very interested in improving light setup/render.
It is internal render - do you recommend something? How did you rendered your final movie?

Melkao, hehe thank you! In fact it was done (the yolk) with lots of trial and error play with Blender Ztransp and RayMirror… somehow i got this acceptable result by chance :wink:


I rendered with internal, but my graphical concept was different than yours (completely non-realistic), so one light + AO was enough. it rendered between 20 sec and 3 min per frame.
I heard Nvidia Gelato is very fast because it renders with CPU, and gives good results.
Other choices could be Kerkythea or Sunflow.
Indigo is said to be rather slow.
I haven’t heard so much about the new Yafaray.
I must admit I haven’t tried out any of them yet, I am planning to try Gelato and Kerkythea.


You have an eye for detail, I love the atmosphere in the room! Maybe you could introduce the sceene with a few flies buzzing around?

I’we read you storyboard, and no matter what you end up with,(deep or shallow meaning) the story should be simple. Personally I really loved the idéa, a hen coocing her own eggs! And thats all I need, I laughed!

About the hen, I wondered about her wing-tips. A realistic hen, is shorter in the front of the wing, and longer in the back, if you see what I mean?

Anyway, great Idéa!