Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Nenad Pantic


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ofhgh… lets go and try to manage animation and illustration challenge! :slight_smile: And daily job, and family, and kids, and one another picture, and… … :scream:


This is about an morbid hen. In fact, poached egg lover! :wink: .

I wanted to create something simple, opposed to “complicated” idea in Illustration section.

I plan to make my model as simply i can manage, yet with some crucial details. For now i plan hen, the nest, eggs, simple room,frying pan, fryer, broken eggs, fried eggs, … well too much enough! :slight_smile:

  1. Hen is hatching an egg.
  2. Happy seeing new eggs!
  3. Hen runnings with the egs in delight.
  4. Close up of breaking eggs (this could be complicated, i should see how to animate the egg liquid best and fastest)
  5. Hen is frying eggs! (maybe to add chef’s hat)
  6. on the table, prepared to eat (maybe i will skip this scene, as maybe enough will be to show egg frying).


Here is wireframe and lit model of the main character. Not yet fully finished (suggestions are wellcome) but i guess it will not go too much in realism then this… maybe some tweaking, and of course, texture.
Done it in about 3 hours, using wings 3d.

Here is a small turntable of it (100kb):


Proceeded with hen rigging… took me about 4 hours to build skeleton, asign vertex group (and name them), and then test it. It is not still perfect but it is ok for now… (Blender)
Small movie here (50 kb)


The funny thing is that chickens actually like eggs… if you ever drop one they will run up and eat the yolk. :scream:


sssh… dont tell anyone :eek: !
Yea that will probably happen, also they will eat shell because it will make their next eg better etc… very smart creatures!

But tis one is special, because it breaks its egg by own will, and is making poached eggs :slight_smile: .


Great start, Nenad. That’s some very nice modelling with Wings, too. I started using Wings myself about a year ago; it’s really quite a nice program, and it can compete very well with some of the commercial modellers. I never really got into Blender myself, though it looks like you really know how to push it to its limits.

Best of luck to you in this competition. I look forward to seeing what you produce!


Thanks for the words of suport, vmulligan! Yes, Wings3d is very good and I like its spartanian constitution! Only thing that is lacking is that it was not been updated for a very long time :frowning: . I would really like to see some new features in it…!

Firstly I came to Blender because of low budget, but now I used to like it… Once you are used to its frightening interface, and comprehend its logic, it is really great tool… and it is constantly under development!

There is a great movie made with Blender, called “Elephant dream”… have a look at it to see the power of Blender in action!


I have played around with Blender a tiny bit – enough to recognize that it’s a pretty powerful program. I never mastered the UI, though. But yes, films like “Elephants Dream” certainly show off what the program is capable of doing. And the fact that it’s an open-source program under active development is a big plus, too. My experience with open-source software programs is that they tend to be relatively reliable, and when you do find bugs, it usually doesn’t take long to get someone to fix them. It is a shame that Wings updates seem to be few and far between…


lol… cool concept and a great start! Dig the rig:thumbsup:


Thanks for encouragement, DaddyMack…! I surely need it, as i switched from calmer waters of illustration challenge to stormy animation sea…:wise:

I am not going out with complex demonstration of the rig yet, still need to work on some details, and shape keys… i guess Ill leave that for little bit later, concentrating more on the props now.

BTW time is leaking, and will leak even faster, anyone noticed that ? :eek:


I started to model some props, directly drawing what I imagine in Wings. Here is the part of a baking arsenal. The fryier will have narrow cable fallling from the table, connected to a power panel. the chair and the table will remain simple. whole ambient should be combination of the simple style, and some art nouveau ornamented details. More and more props to come, yet must try not to overload the scene, because i will spent too much time on texturing, while main thing shoul be the chicken. I worked more on its rig, added eyes, but now I will develop props and try to assembe whole scenery.


Great start! It will be great! Good luck!


I decided that I will put some cage in which Lucy will lay her leggs, to reffer to chickens who spent their whole life laying eggs in a cage. But this is very luxury one, even with a hole and pipe to guide the hatched egg in a pot to collect them. This should be goodly directed, to slowly reveal whole cage and surroundings as the story develops.


Hi again!
Your lowpoly meshes look very clean and efficient! Those are signs of a good modeler!
Waiting to see more of your scene, because all pieces are coming together nicely!
Keep up!


Hey Varma, thanks for a very ecouraging words!
I am now trying to build few fine meshes to create the room where chicken reside. It is in fact small rented-like human room where is chicken kept like a pet… so I will add some more props like cupboard, fridge, a lamp, will add door with small door inside, a window…etc. will try to create warm but wierd atmosphere.

One thing I am afraid of, that I am working too much on the ambience now, and will shorten my time for animation part… but i need those props to create some story about it, i am fond to narrative way of telling story (and so are you, as I can see, judging by the number of meshes you create :eek: )

If there is any quality in my modeling, I need to say thanks to my highscool teachers (that was in about 1986, when computer modelling was unknow to masses, exept maybe Kraftwerk television spot with their animated heads), when they, as the heritage of the older Zagrabian fine painting scool (connected with Munich) forced us to understand thing around us as the surfaces. They insisted that we create our drawings, and render them (with pencil, usign differend shades of gray) as a simple low poly models! Then we were allowed to go in details, after we created relative good plain sketch, looking lots as an low poly wireframe.
Some of us, pupils, were angried by this rigid teaching, and rebbeled, but I embraced the technique after I comprehended that I can “subsurf” my models by shading and “subdividing” more and more parts, and achieve high realism!
Our teacher moto (which we mocked) was “Cleaner, cleaner surfaces!” ! Of course he was unaware of the modern digital era which is prospering by that theory :slight_smile:
Later, on Belgrade art academy (which was closer to the poetry in art than to accuracy) i was introduced to the different technique, the Line, which is free and flowing. (maybe something like nurbs modeling?? I am not fond to it, so far). But it helped me to soften the accurate polygon style, and to add some “spirit”.

I started to babble like an very old man. Also I noticed that I started to remember the things from early childhood. Am I getting old, am I going to die?? :slight_smile: :scream:


Hi npantic

not babble nothing man jeje, i totally agree we need to have good knowledge in simple form and we need to have good hand drawing skill too, i start 3d old, very “old” and i loss with nurbs to much for my old brain and the 3d software fight with me and win me almost all the time when i want something, he rules (for now), your work are amazing, clean shapes and good use of loops to close the forms, the idea are very funny good luck, nice and very lucky you have good teacher.


Hey Nenad;
That was an interesting reading about your art background! I believe those 3d artists who
happen to have some amount of traditional art training/practice as backup, will approach
3d visualisering in quite a different way and very so often, successfully too! Once you have
managed to shade an object in different shades of gray, with say a pencil or charcoal, and
given it a true 3 dimentional essence, you won’t have much trouble replacing the pencil with
a mouse and enter the realm of computer-generated art! Just a matter of time to learn how
to navigate and find the right menus!
Recently, I’ve been more and more attracted to, as you also mentioned, lines, instead of
solid forms! Personality and dynamic of a line, or curves, to be more precise! The silouette
of an object and how it can appeal to our senses, how it can divide the 2d space and it’s
realtion with nearby siloettes, the negative space!
Unlike you I was so fond of curves, I started to learn them and play with them, starting
with Rhinocerous and then Maya! Now, I can’t afford not to using them on a regular basis
and block out my sketches and pre-vis routines!
I would scincerely recommend exploring their power, as nothing else, even subD modeling
can replace them and offer the same flexibility and softness as nurbs! Although the newer
workflow methods suggest more and more use of polygon and SubD cageing, I still believe
nurbs/spline modeling will always be a part of any highend 3d package!
Huh, who is babbling now?
And please don’t die just yet, at least until you finish the challenge! :smiley:
I would like to see the room with all those objects and a little door within the door, made
for hens and chickens!


heya, funny concept ;p
modelling is looking cool
the cage appears a bit too soft and smoothed, (unless that’s your intention?) are u going to define the edges a bit more?