Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: michel prins


I think this is the kind of outfit people are wearing in fitness centers right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


just a nother pose test


before i finish the texturing of the robot I want to know how the surounding will look, so I started work on that.


checking out the possibilities of Blenders procedural textures.


Think this will be the look for the fitness room. Have a good sunday all. :wink:


hey man, looking good. keep it up


I was away for a week making an unfolding menu structure for a website.
well i still got 81 days left seems ample time. Next I will start making some fitness equipment. thx for viewing


apps to fill the room.


for your convenience also a look from the other side.


been finetuning ik solvers for the robot for easier animation later on and working on the weight pull machine. In xsi I knew how to invert the movement of the weight and the pullbar, in blender I have to find out how think its possible though.
Time left: 69 days, 7 hours, 41 minutes, 51 seconds.



will it be a swimming pool, with the stair?

the red-green-blue colour version looked a bit better than the green one in my opinion.

in this one
he is having a strange deformation on the front of his pelvis, it’s a bit visible too when he sits but not so much, I guess it’s a weighting problem, if you change the weight of the leg bones on the pelvis to zero it should be right.


thx anna , its going to be a fitness room. I my self like the green and silver version better. thx for commenting.


finished the apps and placed them in the room this a test render to see whats missing and how the colors match. thx for viewing.


c3po’s brother…:scream:Seems to be a cool concept…very strange!..:eek:


been working on the facial, ist gonna be great.

here a youtube movie

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I didnt wanna withold this funny pic of the puffin robot. Blender realy is an amazing software, check it out now its free.


got the weightpull machine to work so that the weight and the pullhandle move counterwise.


just been experimenting with the robo texture.


put shadow on to see how the scene looks with shadows :wink:


been adding a control panel to the walky’s and then had a problem getting the duplicated one to not move finally found how , well thats because im new to animation in blender. now I can control the speed of the walking strap with an ipo so next thing is getting the robot on it. Im thingking off getting it to run very slow or very hard, both could be funny. off to bed now.