Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: michel prins


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Latest Update: Final Render: Daily fitness routine


I think ill go for this apparatus.


head is ok after one night. :slight_smile:


Pretty good for 1 nights work. Is it subsurfed? I cant munipulate subsurf like that.
Remindes me of that movie robots, even though I havent seen it


He is a cute little robot, really reminds me of the iron giant :slight_smile:


thxfor your comments, yes I use subsurf put it on 3 keeps things managable. Im glad it reminds you of other robots im going for a stereotype kind a look.


getting along fine , did I already mention i’m working in blender? :wink:


just a wire to show the progress.


and the backview


wire of the progress I’m making.


think it will do for now, ill be starting the scene props soon.


guess this robo could do with a bit of exercise lol.


been uv mapping tonight.


got that nice frosted fast glue look.
I hope a glass robot can do good fitness otherwise ill go for the rubber look, he he.


i liked the sparkly look of this vesion.


like this one too.:wink:


quite good for first try , i might add some extra loops if need be.


I made loads of variations see what will work best in the gym surrounding.

Off to bed now , good night to all :wink:


as the title says, droped some bones and added a view vertexloops. Rendered in blender internal.


painted an texture and redid the uvmap in reverse order. Next time i can make a proper texture in fireworks.
Have a good sunday all.