Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Martin Sen


Hey Martin, how is the interaction in the viewport with that model/rig ? do you have some sort of really low res model (like detached polys) or something ? How did you handle those beautiful deformations ?

It’s a fantastic work! The animation is top notch and the design is awesome!



@gpepper - thx man… I need to finish soon so I have enough time for comping and sound edit.

@DaddyMack - yeh, I wanted to play around with it and have the ship sortof move him around, I wish I had rigged the whole body for some cool stretch, but I guess no time for R&D.

No animated renders yet, currently I’m rendering shot1 while I work on the others, which is taking forever! 20minutes a frame ;((

@liquidik - the fps in the view port is quite slow, maybe 1.5 fps. I run a capture in XSI (Maya playblast) to look at it in real time. I’m animating at 25fps, maybe should have done it at 24… oh well ;p
I’m not using a lowres mesh, creating poses is a decent enough viewport update, to see it run realtime I just to a quick capture.
Facial deformations are a combination of blendshapes and bones. I have a “mouth” bone that makes the whole mouth shift around, and I have a jaw bone as a child of that bone to make the mouth open close.


That animation is insanely good, top quality. sigh… haha. well done. the details are wow, did you hand animate the head bob and everything?? haha nice


2o minutes/ frame is crunchy V! I hope you are lucky like me and have 2 pcs so that the monster can munch renders while you click away on the workhorse… If not the BOXX will slot in nicely;)

You could create a render seq of your BG yeah (because of all the mame vids) and reuse parts of it in shots where the cam is still… allowing you to only render your foreground for some shots hopefully saving you some time…

May the force be with you


Fantastic work,… very detailed, cunnig and balanced animation… errorless! :eek: :eek: :eek:


loving it. great character design. i can’t wait to see a final render. good expression and personality in this guy. really nice.


Very impressive stuff! Great design and animation. This can’t be your first animation :slight_smile:
Good luck!


for some reason I cudnt see the animation, it wasnt downloading… but this morning i get to see it finally… it looks really good. Although I could suggest one little thing. After he presses the button for the first time. U might think of giving a hold of couple of more fremes there to make his furstration read better. I know the time is an issue here… but hope that helps.

doing a gr8 job here… keep it up.:thumbsup:


Hey Martin, really great work you have here! :thumbsup:

If you finish on time, I’m sure you’ll be a strong contender for a prize. Good luck!


Software: XSI


completed shot3… I’m glad it’s done and out of the way. The sound is pretty shitty with this compression… hope u guys don’t mind it too much.

I was thinking, shot01 - 03 works on it’s own, I might not need shot04-05 at the end to complete… what do u guys think?

I’ve animated shot04 actually, I’ll upload it too

Play Video >>


this is really nice. love this guy’s attitude and personality.

nice movements in your animation.


Hey Martin, That looks nice… but one thing didnt look okay in my eyes. The time when the Astro guy slaps the steering wheel, the timing looks very fast, mayb putting some more inbetweens might help. Will be waiting to see this finish… :thumbsup: all the best


haha what can you say. Love it. I like the timing. See you on the next Pixar project :wink: What sort of experience have you had?


dude that’s some impressive sh!t you’ve got going! i’ll be keeping an eye out for the final! good luck! :thumbsup:


I think I found the winner…


Very nice man! :applause:

I think you have the best astronaut-spinoff in this contest:)



Awesome stuff. I can’t wait to see this one once its finished. I also see your a Zoolander fan (it should be at least… 3 times that size). Fun!


i think too. your work it´s one of he best…
simply when i was on class i used internet to see examples of people…
some works are increible and help me to explain and motivate my students… ( course of 3dmax).
and belive me this work are fantastic. high level… congratulations.!!
where put the 3dboxx???..

in my case admire a lot to these people who make these work!!.
some time ago. i work on arquitecture for some companies. (need money for my family… have twins cost a lot of money). My work on training center it´s only for some months and need produce,produce and produce buildings… (class: 9:00 to 14:00 (autocad/3dsmax/photoshop/bla bla bla…) - play with childrens… client projects 23:00 to 5:00, 6:00, 8:00 … aaaaarg!!)
i haven´t time for investige on characters anim because this don´t give me work… I HOPE CAN ANIMATE IGUAL YOU IN A FUTURE… BELIVE ME… SIMPLY ARE INSPIRATION!!.

i now i will finish… because i can cry…

pd: my english are the same level of my character animation hahahahaha


Hey Martin, that’s a great animation, your model is superb. Keep going, I’m looking forward
for your progress and the final animation impatiently. Cheers!


Wow…the expresions are really nice…this will be a really nice when finished…can you give me one copy of your animation when finish?hehe:twisted: