Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Martin Sen


hehehh… nice one V!.. you’ve got loads of energy in there mate, thanks for the lookin @ your pose to pose workflow too:thumbsup:


wow, this looks damn nice!

the animation has alot of power…more more! :slight_smile:


These first animation tests are peeerfect! Great to see (and to learn from…) Great job!


Excellent animation skills! Very funny movement. Coooool.


looks pretty nice mate…nice animation…cant wait to see it finished!:beer:



thx for the comments guys

I haven’t been able to upload anything new, I’m having trouble downloading java to run the cguploader… Anyway, once I fix that problem I try to update



amazing work with the animation man!!:bounce::bounce::bounce: bring me some more! I WANT MORE U HEAR ME!


Software: XSI


haven’t updated in a while, couldn’t download java for some reason, finally got it going.

Here’s the shot progress so far…
comments welcome…

Haven’t had alot of time for the challenge, but I’ll try to finish the remaining shots

Play Video >>


We never really stood a chance against you this time mate… It’s clear that you’ve invested solid energy into this Martin and my spidey sense tingles every time I see an update.

The stop start and hold business you’ve got going in the animation gives it a really playful sense. I love the spot after he pushes the button and also the stretch on his face when it flies by close up.

I watched it a few times and the only point that stuck out as potentially needing attention is the rodeo pose (Right arm in the air) something seems a little off with the weight but I can’t pin what

Humble :bowdown: good sir


It’s a :thumbsup: and a :bowdown: good to be here to watch. Honestly one of the best moments during challenge. Thanks for!


wow thats some nice animation…the character has great appeal, great stuff!! :stuck_out_tongue:




excellent !
Great job Martin !


There are some excelent animatins martin. I suppose that they will be cut by flashed or other scenes ?


wow…the integration between the character and the ship is amazing, and good job with the face expresions…nice job my friend!:thumbsup:


bastard, stop now… or… you will make us sad once the results are announced… :cry:



Software: XSI


anim update ;p

I’ve changed shot 1 from the storyboard, I didn’t have time model the helmet… so I made the shot a bit simpler, or harder… depends on how u see it ;p
Animation problems I can see already… but I’m running out of time ;(((

cool… catch ya l8r

Play Video >>


@DaddyMack - thx for the fresh set of eyes, I’ll try to see what’s off with it

@Tremoside, HFix, adib, gpepperm fellah- heya, thx for comments guys. I’ll try to finish

@authentic - yeh, I was thinking about that… I’ll see what works when I get to the comp’ing phase… thx man

@melkao - the body mechanics are quite a challenge, but I’m having fun animating this guy ;p


Amazing again !
Looks already perfect ! With the render and sound, this animation is going to be great !


Pure V! sweetness in the new anim too, well done… I thought about the rodeo shot and I think it’s because the ship appears to propel him briefly whereas in most of the others it kinda looks like he’s making it move… I think it was just the switch from force to force that threw me a little.

Umm… any animated renders???