Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Martin Sen


boy wip so far, I thought it would be cool if I continue on the space theme, I’ve modeled toy props for the kid.

I don’t usually go off modeling without a complete design, very bad approach… lol ;((


@infoarq, xioncajou, Hazaro, npantic, tastatura, overcontrast, gpepper, melkao - thx for the crits guys… appreciated it

@vmulligan - thx for the suggestion, lighting isn’t final, but I’ll take that into consideration… ;p

@MVDB - ye, the intro is bugging me a bit… I want to keep it thr longer too

@walrus - thx for the comments, hate leaving things out, hope it doens’t come to that

@julianobezerra - ye, Im going a bit off on a tangent… there’s no return! ;)))


excellent martin. I love the helmet and its relation size to the head of the boy. Nice work on the clothes too. Is it by using zbrush/mudbox or is it “real” modeling ?


sweet modeling on the kid bro… me likeee! no crits… go on…


great model…

i love these little details in clothes.


Beautiful modelling on the kid, love the mouth :slight_smile: Very Pixar. Can see you’re a pro, everything is very tidy, nice work. Lots of wow factor, congrats


@authentic - heya, the clothes are modelled, no zbrush or mudbox :eek:

@overcontrast, infoarq, Trickz - thx for the feedback guys! texturing soon, not going to do alot of blendshapes for this character, so it shouldn’t take long


Looks nice all the same !


done with the boy character, I’ll probably tweak the shaders more over time, but the rig is done for the most part.

struggled with the textures, XSI can’t smooth out UV’s… so it’s a guess as to where ur painting most of the time, haven’t found a work around this yet (any suggestions?)

ok… moving on … ;p l8r


:cry: I want his Tshirt!

Seriously tho… he looks great V! He has a real commercial quality feel to him which I think helps carry the theme you’ve got growing further. His face is somewhat obscured by the visor though… it could make it more difficult to communicate his expressions clearly… Maybe less reflect?

A question for you about the knees if I may… How have you gone about handling the leg and pants for deformation around the knee area? I’ve always had trouble with pants that stop below the knee and I’m curious if you’ve got any magic tro share about it


kik start there ! very impressive cute little model and urpropositions r great. can i know which pakage u r using?

all the very best,
cheers ,


wow, this little guy will surely be refreshment to the scene, he is in clours and the size different from main character! Excellent work!


As Daddy said, I want it too ! :bounce:
A top work here again ! He is great !
It smells somthing good for the final jury here !


In your object´s texture projection PPG there´s checkbox for “smooth when subdividing”. Not sure if this is what you are looking for. Anyway, very proffesional approach in here. Keep up great work!


@DaddyMack - thx man, I want this tshirt too lol… as for the knees, I haven’t done anything, the bit of the shorts that fall below the knee bend with it, it’s not a perfect rig at all, but for the purposes of this project, I don’t need to be bend completely, so I haven’t yet fixed the knee/shorts area. Hope I make sense. I’ll fix it later after the challenge and use him for future animations.

ye, the visor is a problem… I’ll continue tweaking

@pixelpiyan - I’m using XSI|Softimage

@npantic - thx alot for ur comments :thumbsup:

@gpepper - hehe, lol thx… ur work is gr8 too!

@Oweron - I found that, but it isn’t perfect work around, When I actually stamp the UV mesh, I’m looking for a way to smooth that, so I know exactly where to paint. 3dS max had it… and I never had problem with coords. XSI is tricky. I tried subdividing the mesh, the relax under the texture editor, but it also isn’t perfect - it smoothes in some areas, and other parts it’s jaggered… Any thx for the help ;p


Hey…that kid looks amazing…pixar quality!..nice work…this is one of my favorites!:thumbsup:



no words… only see the results…


Software: XSI

progress so far for Shot2A. I’ve divided Shot2 into 5 parts, I’ve left it as “shot2” for now mainly because the camera the same throughout.

anyway, here’s my workflow… comments welcome.

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er, seems the uploader didn’t complete, only half the file went thru… that sucks ;(


Software: XSI

ok… attempt 2 at uploading… test test…

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