Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Martin Sen


here’s the progress I’ve made so far. Textures mostly done, I’ve made a point to keep it very simple. I haven’t yet made any changes to the sss level on the skin, will adjust it a bit later.

Need to move on quickly… only 3 weeks left for me, have to start on the boy character, then onto animation…


@gpepper - yeh, I’ll look into it, thx man!

@Paul4wood - thx for the support, glad u like it so far

@behzad - :thumbsup::thumbsup: sweeet dude


nice going mate!!!.. IMO the skin is a bit too redish?.. Love the expressions on his face… keep going!


Nice !
Is the noise wanted ?


@overcontrast - I’ve got a very purple key light on the left that makes it look that way, I guess it will be ok once it’s in the environment.

@gpepper - it’s a low sample render for now, nope… noise not wanted in the final


very nice, like your works from previous challenge, so no question this going to another GREAT work!!:slight_smile:



No. We Love This Character!! And Textures. (and His Perfect Poses)


its wonderfull work :slight_smile: can’t wait to see the first anim test


He´s obviously really a tuff guy… cool expression, nice concept…

Keep it up:thumbsup:


Martin is Congratulation.Beautiful face to convey and Texture…:thumbsup:


I like very much the colours and the form, it reminds me on Toy Story and Disney production in a good sense… it is very eatable!
Countdown and Launch! :slight_smile:


I really like the expression on the character. You might want to move the light source up just a bit though. In its current position, it lights the character from below, giving him a bit of a creepy look… Unless that’s what you’re going for.


By looking at your storyboard, I’d also would say to not show the arcade"hall", untill the very last moment. IMO there will be a bigger climax at the end! Great characterization and very nice idea! I’'l follow along…


This is looking really terrific! I hope you get everything done in time… you could always cut out the boy if need be. I know it’s not your plan to, but it would be a shame to not see your final entry finished, it’s so terrific! Anyhow, great work! :thumbsup:


some doodles of the boy character. I’ve been too lazy to scan these in, did this a few days ago… started on the model, will post WIP’s soon.


hey Martin nice drawings… If you want my opinion, sudnt the kid be more younger… I’d say somehting around 4-5 yeas old… just a cute little thing… that wud make the whole situation more stranger… just my opinion… cant waut to see the model done…


modeling all over again ;p

wip of the kid model so far, I’ve tried to make him alot younger from my sketches, thx for the advice overcontrast ;p

going to add more detail/wrinkles to the cloth… more to come


Nice start Martin !
I agree with Zubuyer, making him younger was a nice idea !


oh nice kid…now we are progressing very welll…keep going!:eek:


its wonderfull!

Just the boy nose isn’t like the reference.

So, Good work!
Waiting for animation and updates…