Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Martin Sen


It looks cool. I like the story too.


fantactis scene…

i love colors, environment and character…



fantactis scene…

i love colors, environment and character…



Nice start with the lighting !
Do you plane to put things on the floor ?


IT is very good inspiration for us,

keep the good work,

all the best to u.



textured the arcade games in the background, I’ve used video captures of old arcade games that I have for the screens. mame32… ahh nostalgia ;p

textured the floor pattern, and done with the ship textures, few tweaks and fixes still… like the glass shader on the ship… but otherwise, moving onto texturing the main character…


excellent martin. i’m very enthousiastic about your entry. Great lighting.


Looks very impressive, man! :wise:


OH that’s so cool…very funny…buzz’s brother looks so fine in that environment!..keep going:thumbsup:


WEEEeeeee e e e e ee … . . . …


chueet job on the lighting and color man… u go brotha!


Fantastic! Ah, the good ol’ times, when game character were just few pixels and not milion of polygons!


Hey Martin…

i love colors…
(i like rest a little glow to video games… why? simply:
If i can see old games in screens… problably
I will remember those times more easy.

How many hours of Galaxians… oooooohhhh…)

other option is iluminate s little more the names of games in machines… (TOP).

but this is only my opinion…

Remeber… your work are SPECTACULAR!!

i love the style.


you got a great sence for cartoons, Martin! i’m a big fan of purple(and penis noses… :confused: ) so this is definitely my cup of tea and something i will enjoy following.


It is exactly how I imagined !
Great job, I can’t wait to see the texture work on the spaceman !
Did you use a SSS shader ? His nose seems to be very transluscent ?


@authentic - thx man, It’s the main lighting for now, and I’ll tweak it for each shot


@melkao - maybe he’s distant distant cousin ;p

@DaddyMack - lol, ye… animation gonna be fun!

@overcontrast - thx for the comments man,

@medunecer - i know…life was so much simpler, 8 bit nintendo games, and swore thumbs!

@infoarq - I’m not sure about copyright or if I’m aloud to use brand logos, so I’ve used a generic label for each aracde (Except for the shooter which says Time crisis3, I think I should remove it) Can u make out Street fighter II in the distance? love that game ;p

@fellah - lol, dude, now everytime I look at him I see a penis nose… argh!! thx!

@gpepper - ye, it’s a sss fast skin shader. Is the nose a bit too translucent?


The nose and the face seem a bit too transluscent to me, yes.


All I can say is, Wow! I really like the way you are pulling this together so well.

It’s all amazing! :slight_smile:


I love it.:bounce: